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1 of 2) Sudatory, Sudorific : پسینہ آور, پسینہ لانے والی دوا : (noun) a medicine that causes or increases sweating.

2 of 2) Sudatory, Sudatorium : گرم ہوا کا غسل, گرمابہ, پسینہ آور حمام : (noun) a bathhouse for hot air baths or steam baths.

Useful Words

Haematinic : کوئی ایسا مرکب جو سرخ جرثوموں کی افزائش میں مدد گار ثابت ہو , Henry's Law : ہنری کا قانون , Activator : تحریک کار , Complementary Medicine : متبادل دوا , Sweat Off : وزن کم کرنا , Comfort Zone : انسانی جسم لئے موزوں درجہ حرارت کی جگہ , Horner's Syndrome : ریڑ کی ہڈی کی بیماری , Augmentation : اضافہ , Increase : ترقی , Aerobic Exercise : جسم میں زیادہ آکسیجن پہنچانے کے لیے کڑی ورزشیں , Age-Related : عمر سے متعلق , Amplifier : بڑھانے کا آلہ یا مشین , Accelerator : سائنسی اوزار , Marginal Utility : معاشی خدمت سے ملنے والا اضافی فائدہ , Power Law : طاقت کی دو قدروں کے درمیان تعلق کا قانون , Fechner's Law : وزن اور حجم کے درمیان تعلق کا قانون , Flecainide : ایک قسم کی دوا , Glucagon : لبلبہ کے آئیلٹس آف لنگرہانز کے الفا خلیوں میں پیدا ہونے والا ہارمون , Medicative : دوا سے متعلق , Draft : دوا , Health Facility : ہسپتال , Analgesic : درد دور کرنے والی دوا , Medical Specialist : کسی بھی کام میں بے پناہ مہارت , Otology : اذنیات , Camphorated Tincture Of Opium : کھانسی کے علاج میں استعمال ہونے والی دوا , Internist : ماہر امراض باطنیہ , Restorative : صحت بحال کرنے والی دوا , Drug : دوا , Premedical : طب کے پیشہ سے متعلق , Aeromedical : طبی ہوا بازی سے متعلق , Medical : طب سے متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Haematinic: a medicine that increases the hemoglobin content of the blood; used to treat iron-deficiency anemia.

Henry's Law: (chemistry) law formulated by the English chemist William Henry; the amount of a gas that will be absorbed by water increases as the gas pressure increases.

Activator: (biology) any agency bringing about activation; a molecule that increases the activity of an enzyme or a protein that increases the production of a gene product in DNA transcription.

Complementary Medicine: the practice of medicine that combines traditional medicine with alternative medicine.

Sweat Off: lose weight by sweating.

Comfort Zone: the temperature range (between 28 and 30 degrees Centigrade) at which the naked human body is able to maintain a heat balance without shivering or sweating.

Horner's Syndrome: a pattern of symptoms occurring as a result of damage to nerves in the cervical region of the spine (drooping eyelids and constricted pupils and absence of facial sweating).

Augmentation: the amount by which something increases.

Increase: the amount by which something increases.

Aerobic Exercise: exercise that increases the need for oxygen.

Age-Related: changing (increasing or decreasing) as an individual`s age increases.

Amplifier: electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it.

Accelerator: a scientific instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles.

Marginal Utility: (economics) the amount that utility increases with an increase of one unit of an economic good or service.

Power Law: (psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to a power of the stimulus intensity.

Fechner's Law: (psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to the logarithm of the stimulus intensity; based on early work by E. H. Weber.

Flecainide: oral antiarrhythmic medication (trade name Tambocor) used as a last resort in treating arrhythmias; increases the risk of sudden death in heart attack patients.

Glucagon: a hormone secreted by the pancreas; stimulates increases in blood sugar levels in the blood (thus opposing the action of insulin).

Medicative: having the properties of medicine.

Draft: a dose of liquid medicine.

Health Facility: building where medicine is practiced.

Analgesic: a medicine used to relieve pain.

Medical Specialist: practices one branch of medicine.

Otology: the branch of medicine concerned with the ear.

Camphorated Tincture Of Opium: medicine used to treat diarrhea.

Internist: a specialist in internal medicine.

Restorative: a medicine that strengthens and invigorates.

Drug: a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic.

Premedical: preparing for the study of medicine.

Aeromedical: of or relating to aviation medicine.

Medical: relating to the study or practice of medicine.

Related Words

Bagnio : غسل گھر , Medicament : دوا

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