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1) Suffocative, Smothering, Suffocating : گھوٹی ہوئی سانس : (satellite adjective) causing difficulty in breathing especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat.

Related : Dyspnoeic : not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty.

Useful Words

Hot : گرم : used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning. "Aren`t you feeling the cold?".

Breathless, Dyspneal, Dyspneic, Dyspnoeal, Dyspnoeic : ساکن : not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty. "Breathless at thought of what I had done".

Cold, Coldness, Frigidity, Frigidness, Low Temperature : سردی : no presence of heat. "Cold weather of London".

Heat, High Temperature, Hotness : گرمی : the presence of heat. "The wave of heat is continue".

Suffocate : دم گھٹنا : feel uncomfortable for lack of fresh air. "The room was hot and stuffy and we were suffocating".

Breathlessly : سانس لیے بغیر : in a breathless manner. "She spoke breathlessly".

Choking, Strangling, Strangulation, Throttling : گلا گہونٹنے کا عمل : the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe. "No evidence that the choking was done by the accused".

Angina : درد گلو : any disease of the throat or fauces marked by spasmodic attacks of intense suffocative pain. "He got angina pain last night".

Cardiac Resuscitation, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Cpr, Kiss Of Life, Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation : مصنوعی طریقے سے منہ سے منہ لگا کر سانس دینا : an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; the first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing; attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen. "He used cardiopulmonary resuscitation in public to save a young boy".

Heat Pump : حرارت کا پمپ : apparatus that extracts heat from a liquid that is at a higher temperature than its surroundings; can be used to transfer heat from a reservoir outside in order to heat a building.

Common Eel, Freshwater Eel : بام مچھلی : eels that live in fresh water as adults but return to sea to spawn; found in Europe and America; marketed both fresh and smoked.

Warm : گرم : having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat. "A warm body".

Furnace : آتش دان : an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.. "Furnace wholesale market".

Calorie, Kilocalorie, Kilogram Calorie, Large Calorie, Nutritionist's Calorie : حرارت کی اکائی : a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food.

Deadly, Deathly, Mortal : جان لیوا : causing or capable of causing death. "A fatal accident".

Harmful : نقصان دہ : causing or capable of causing harm. "Too much sun is harmful to the skin".

Harmless : بے ضرر : not causing or capable of causing harm. "Harmless snakes in Pakistan".

Spiracle : سانس لینے کا سوراخ : a breathing orifice.

Insufflation : جھاڑ پھونے کا عمل : an act of blowing or breathing on or into something.

Readily : جلدی سے : without much difficulty. "These snakes can be identified readily".

Handily, Hands Down : آسانی سے : with no difficulty. "He won hands down".

Blown, Pursy, Short-Winded, Winded : ہانپتا ہوا : breathing laboriously or convulsively.

Moribund : مرنے کے قریب : being on the point of death; breathing your last. "A moribund patient".

Choke, Strangle : گلا گھونٹنا : constrict (someone`s) throat and keep from breathing.

Respiration : سانس لینے کا عمل : a single complete act of breathing in and out. "Thirty respirations per minute".

Insect : کیڑا : small air-breathing arthropod.

Inconvenience, Troublesomeness, Worriment : مصیبت : a difficulty that causes anxiety.

Lug, Tote, Tug : لادنا : carry with difficulty. "You'll have to lug this suitcase".

Catchy, Tricky : پیچیدہ : having concealed difficulty. "A catchy question".

Decipher, Trace : مشکل عبارت پڑھنا : read with difficulty. "Can you decipher this letter?".

Eke Out : مشقت سے حاصل کرنا : obtain with difficulty. "He eked out some information from the archives".

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