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Sulfurous 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Sulfurous is تلخی, it can be written as Talkhi in Roman Urdu. There are 2 different senses of Sulfurous stated below.

Sulfurous in Sentences

A sulfurous denunciation. The sulfurous atmosphere preceding a thunderstorm.

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Sulfurous in Detail

1 of 2. تلخی Talkhi کڑوا Karwa تلخ Talakh : Acerb Acerbic Acid Acrid Bitter Blistering Caustic Sulphurous Virulent Vitriolic Sulfurous : harsh or corrosive in tone.

A sulfurous denunciation.

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2 of 2. تپش ناک Tapish Naak سخت گرم Sakhat Garam : Stifling Sulphurous Sultry Sulfurous : characterized by oppressive heat and humidity.

The sulfurous atmosphere preceding a thunderstorm.

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Useful Words

Corrosive : تباہ کن Tabah Kun : spitefully sarcastic. "Corrosive cristism"

Harsh Rough : سخت Sakht : unpleasantly stern. "Wild and harsh country full of hot sand and cactus"

Heat Heat Up : گرم کرنا Garam Karna : make hot or hotter. "The sun heats the oceans"

Humidity Humidness : نمی Nami : wetness in the atmosphere.

Oppressive : بھاری Bhari : weighing heavily on the senses or spirit. "The atmosphere was oppressive"

Chant Intone Tone : گانا Gana : utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically. "The students chanted the same slogan over and over again"

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