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Supportive meaning in Urdu

Supportive Sentence

A supportive family network.

Supportive Definitions

1) Supportive : سہارا دینے والا, حمایتی : (adjective) furnishing support or assistance.

His family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer.


Useful Words

Accessory : معاون , Abet : اکسانا , Epicurean : عالی شان , Replacement : تبادلہ , Single-Handed : یکہ و تنہا طور پر , Service : خدمت گزاری کا عمل , Recourse : مدد کرنے کا عمل , Unaccommodating : نامدد گار , Assistive : مددگار , Hand : مدد , Ministration : خدمت , Solo : تن تنہا , Recourse : پناہ , Beneficent : سخی , Ally : اتحادی , Engage : ملازم پر رکھنا , Benefaction : خیرات , Lift : وقتی مدد کرنے کا عمل , Benefit : مالی مدد , Aid : مدد کرنا , Lone Hand : تنہائی پسند انسان , Helpful : فائدہ مند , Public Assistance : سماجی بہبود , Foreign Aid : غیر ملکی امداد , Help Desk : معلوماتی ڈیسک , Applicant : امید وار , Dependant : دوسرے پر انحصار کرنےوالا , Charity : خیراتی ادارہ , Application : درخواست , Accessory After The Fact : مجرم کا مددگار , Air National Guard : ہوائی رنگروٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Accessory: furnishing added support.

Abet: assist, support, or encourage another person in the commission of a crime, wrongdoing, or undesirable behavior, often by providing assistance, guidance, or approval.

Epicurean: displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses.

Replacement: the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another.

Single-Handed: without assistance.

Service: an act of help or assistance.

Recourse: act of turning to for assistance.

Unaccommodating: offering no assistance.

Assistive: giving assistance.

Hand: physical assistance.

Ministration: assistance in time of difficulty.

Solo: any activity that is performed alone without assistance.

Recourse: something or someone turned to for assistance or security.

Beneficent: generous in assistance to the poor.

Ally: an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

Engage: hire for work or assistance.

Benefaction: a contribution of money or assistance.

Lift: the act of giving temporary assistance.

Benefit: financial assistance in time of need.

Aid: give help or assistance; be of service.

Lone Hand: a person who avoids the company or assistance of others.

Helpful: providing assistance or serving a useful function.

Public Assistance: governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need.

Foreign Aid: aid (such as economic or military assistance) provided to one nation by another.

Help Desk: a service that provides information and assistance to the users of a computer network.

Applicant: a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission.

Dependant: a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support).

Charity: a foundation created to promote the public good (not for assistance to any particular individuals).

Application: a verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission to a school.

Accessory After The Fact: a person who gives assistance or comfort to someone known to be a felon or known to be sought in connection with the commission of a felony.

Air National Guard: a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies.

Related Words

Positive : صحیح , Accessary : شریک مجرم , Collateral : توثیقی

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