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Surat : صُورَت

1. Case, Event : صورت : (noun) a special set of circumstances.

2. Cast, Form, Shape : وضح قطع - صورت : (noun) the visual appearance of something or someone.

Sochnay Ki Baat : Circumstance : information that should be kept in mind when making a decision. "Another consideration is the time it would take"

Khas, Makhsoos : Special : a special offering (usually temporary and at a reduced price) that is featured in advertising. "Nothing special"

Ghoroob : Set : the descent of a heavenly body below the horizon. "Before the set of sun"

Khas Dash : Special : a dish or meal given prominence in e.g. a restaurant.

Set : Set : a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used. "A set of books"

Log, Giroh : Set : an unofficial association of people or groups. "The smart set goes there"

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