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1 of 5) Suspension, Break, Intermission, Interruption, Pause : وقفہ, ٹھہراوٴ : (noun) a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something.

2 of 5) Suspension, Abeyance : تعطل, التواء : (noun) temporary cessation or suspension.

3 of 5) Suspension, Abatement, Hiatus, Reprieve, Respite : خلل : (noun) an interruption in the intensity or amount of something.

4 of 5) Suspension, Dangling, Hanging : لٹکانا : (noun) the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely).

5 of 5) Suspension, Temporary Removal : معطلی : (noun) a temporary debarment (from a privilege or position etc).

Useful Words

Freeze : کوئی عمل روک دینا , Outage : تعطل , Lapse : وقفہ , Still : اب بھی , Blackout : نشریات کے بندش , Vapor : بھاپ , Spray : چھڑکاٴو , Torpidity : سستی , Suspended Animation : سکتہ , Detergent : صاف کرنے والا , Discontinuance : ترک یا بند کرنے عمل , Milk Of Magnesia : میگنیشیا کا دودھ , Access Time : ڈیٹا تک پہنچنے کا وقت , Absence : غیر موجودگی کے وقت , Continuous : مسلسل , Serial Killer : قاتل جو بار بار لوگوں کا قتل کرے , Concurrent Operation : بیک وقت دو عمل , Lead Time : کسی چیز کی تیاری کے درمیان کا وقت , Ablactation : دودھ چھڑائی , Breakdown : انقطاع , Break Up : ٹوٹنا , Always : مستقل , Uninterruptedly : مسلسل طور پر , Continually : تسلسل سے , Continued : مسلسل , Between : درمیان , Stand : روک , Ceaselessness : تواتر , Arrest : وقفہ , Caesura : وقفہ , Continuance : تسلسل

Useful Words Definitions

Freeze: an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement.

Outage: a temporary suspension of operation (as of computers).

Lapse: a break or intermission in the occurrence of something.

Still: with reference to action or condition; without change, interruption, or cessation.

Blackout: a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting.

Vapor: a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance.

Spray: a pesticide in suspension or solution; intended for spraying.

Torpidity: a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility.

Suspended Animation: a temporary cessation of vital functions with loss of consciousness resembling death; usually resulting from asphyxia.

Detergent: a cleansing agent that differs from soap but can also emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspension.

Discontinuance: the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent).

Milk Of Magnesia: purgative consisting of a milky white liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide; used as a laxative and (in smaller doses) as an antacid.

Access Time: (computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive.

Absence: the time interval during which something or somebody is away.

Continuous: continuing in time or space without interruption.

Serial Killer: someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval.

Concurrent Operation: two or more operations performed at the same time (or within a give interval).

Lead Time: the time interval between the initiation and the completion of a production process.

Ablactation: the cessation of lactation.

Breakdown: a cessation of normal operation.

Break Up: break or cause to break into pieces.

Always: without interruption.

Uninterruptedly: without interruption.

Continually: seemingly without interruption.

Continued: without stop or interruption.

Between: in the interval.

Stand: an interruption of normal activity.

Ceaselessness: the quality of something that continues without end or interruption.

Arrest: the state of inactivity following an interruption.

Caesura: a pause or interruption (as in a conversation).

Continuance: the act of continuing an activity without interruption.

Related Words

Break : خلل , Defervescence : وہ وقفہ جس میں بخار میں کمی ہو رہی ہوتی ہے , Remission : افاقہ , Inaction : سستی , Deferral : مہلت , Interval : وقفہ , Delay : تاخیر , Relief : آرام , Letup : وقفہ

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