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Syntactician Meaning in Urdu

1. Syntactician - Grammarian : ماہر گرامر : (noun) a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax.

Linguist, Linguistic Scientist - a specialist in linguistics.

Useful Words

Grammar : گرامر : the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics).

Linguist - Linguistic Scientist : ماہر لسانیات : a specialist in linguistics.

Narrow - Narrow Down - Specialise - Specialize : کا ماہر ہونا : become more focus on an area of activity or field of study. "She specializes in Near Eastern history"

Hit The Books - Study : مطالعہ کرنا : learn by reading books. "Have you studied?"

Phrase Structure - Sentence Structure - Syntax : الفاظ کی ترتیب : the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences.

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