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Taaqat : طاقت

1. Might, Mightiness, Power : طاقت : (noun) physical strength.

2. Ginger, Pep, Peppiness : تیزی - طاقت - توانائی : (noun) liveliness and energy.

3. Strength : طاقت - زور - قوت : (noun) the property of being physically or mentally strong.

4. Hardiness, Lustiness, Robustness, Validity : طاقت - قوت - صحت : (noun) the property of being strong and healthy in constitution.

5. Force, Forcefulness, Strength : قوت - طاقت - طاقت ور : (noun) physical energy or intensity.

6. Puissance : طاقت - زور - اثر : (noun) power to influence or coerce.

7. Influence : طاقت - اثر - رسوخ : (noun) a power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc.

8. Force : زور - طاقت : (noun) a powerful effect or influence.

9. Military Capability, Military Posture, Military Strength, Posture, Strength : صلاحیت - طاقت : (noun) capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war.

Tehreek : Liveliness : general activity and motion.

Tezi, Sar Garmi : Liveliness : animation and energy in action or expression. "It was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"

Taaqat, Zor, Quwat : Strength : the property of being physically or mentally strong. "Fatigue sapped his strength"

Taaqat, Quwat, Taaqat War : Strength : physical energy or intensity. "He hit with all the force he could muster"

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