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تفتیش کرنا : Tafteesh Karna Meaning in English

Tafteesh Karna in Sentences

Obviously, he studied in the United States, so he is seeking for a higher position in Pakistan.
Investigate them.

Tafteesh Karna Synonyms


Tafteesh Karna in Detail

1 of 5) تفتیش کرنا : Investigate Look Into : (verb) investigate scientifically.

2 of 5) تفتیش کرنا کہوج سراغ لگانا : Field Work : (noun) an investigation carried out in the field rather than in a laboratory or headquarters.

3 of 5) تفتیش کرنا : Search : (noun) an investigation seeking answers.

4 of 5) چھان بین کرنا تفتیش کرنا : Enquire Inquire Investigate : (verb) conduct an inquiry or investigation of.

5 of 5) تفتیش کرنا : Interrogate Question : (verb) pose a series of questions to.

Useful Words

جرح کرنا : Cross Examine , تشخیصی : Clinical , پوچھنا : Ask , تحقیق کرنا : Explore , بیچ میں گھسنا : Horn In , کھوجی : Inquisitive , خفیہ مشاہدہ کرنا : Sleuth , جاسوسی کرنا : Spy , شوق : Curious , ناقابل اعتراض طریقے سے : Unimpeachably , بغیر سوال کیے : Easily , بے شک : By All Odds , سوال کرنا : Query , اس ہی جگہ : On The Spot , سوال کرنے والا : Asker , بیشک : Clearly , سوال کرنا : Address , قطعاً : Absolutely , سوال اور جواب : Q&a , ناقابل تردید : Incontestable , بری : Absolved , صلاح مشورہ : Consultation , یقینی : Certain , جرح : Cross-Question , سوالیہ نشان : Interrogation Point , معاملہ : Issue , حیلہ : Dodge , فیصلہ کن : Conclusive , ایسا سوال جو جواب کے لیے نہیں صرف اثر ڈالنے کے لیے پوچھا جائے : Rhetorical Question , مسئلہ حل کرنا : Figure Out , منہ توڑ جواب : Comeback

Useful Words Definitions

Cross Examine: question closely, or question a witness that has already been questioned by the opposing side.

Clinical: scientifically detached; unemotional.

Ask: inquire about.

Explore: inquire into.

Horn In: search or inquire in a meddlesome way.

Inquisitive: inquiring or appearing to inquire.

Sleuth: watch, observe, or inquire secretly.

Spy: a secret watcher; watch, observe, or inquire secretly.

Curious: eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others` concerns).

Unimpeachably: without question.

Easily: without question.

By All Odds: without question and beyond doubt.

Query: pose a question.

On The Spot: at the place in question; there.

Asker: someone who asks a question.

Clearly: without doubt or question.

Address: direct a question at someone.

Absolutely: totally and definitely; without question.

Q&a: Question and Answer.

Incontestable: not open to question; obviously true.

Absolved: freed from any question of guilt.

Consultation: a conference between two or more people to consider a particular question.

Certain: established beyond doubt or question; definitely known.

Cross-Question: a question asked in cross-examination.

Interrogation Point: a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

Issue: an important question that is in dispute and must be settled.

Dodge: a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery.

Conclusive: forming an end or termination; especially putting an end to doubt or question.

Rhetorical Question: a statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered.

Figure Out: find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of.

Comeback: a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one).

Related Words

کہوج : Research , تجزیہ کرنا : Analyse , جاسوسی کرنا : Spy , تحقیق کرنا : Research , آزمانا : Experiment

Close Words

تفتیش : Enquiry , تفتیش : Inspection , پوچھنے والا : Inquisitor , تفتیش کے لے قبر سے نکالنا : Disinter , تفتیش براۓ حصول معلومات : Debriefing , کھوج : Investigation , سائنسی تفتیش : Forensics , تفتیش کرتے ہوۓ : Enquiringly , تفتیش کے لئے واپس بلانا : Remand , تفتیش کنندہ : Investigator

Close Words Definitions

Enquiry: an instance of questioning.

Inspection: a formal or official examination.

Inquisitor: a questioner who is excessively harsh.

Disinter: dig up for reburial or for medical investigation; of dead bodies.

Debriefing: report of a mission or task.

Investigation: an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities.

Forensics: scientific tests or techniques used in the investigation of crimes.

Enquiringly: in an inquiring manner.

Remand: the act of sending an accused person back into custody to await trial (or the continuation of the trial).

Investigator: someone who investigates.

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