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Tafteesh : تفتیش

1. Enquiry, Inquiry, Interrogation, Query, Question : تفتیش - سوال : (noun) an instance of questioning.

2. Inspection, Review : تفتیش - جانچ : (noun) a formal or official examination.

3. Investigation, Probe : کھوج - تفتیش : (noun) an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities.

Jaanch Partaal ... : Examination : the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes).

Talba Ka Imteha... : Examination : the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned.

Misal : Instance : an item of information that is typical of a class or group. "This patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"

Aistafsar, Rasmi Sawal : Examination : formal systematic questioning.

Imthani Parcha, Paper : Examination : a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge. "Matric exams starts"

Waqia : Instance : an occurrence of something. "It was a case of bad judgment"

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