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Taiwanese meaning in Urdu

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Taiwanese in Detail

1) Taiwanese, Amoy, Fukien, Fukkianese, Hokkianese, Min, Min Dialect : چینی زبان کی قسم : (noun) any of the forms of Chinese language spoken in Fukien province.

Useful Words

Natural Language, Tongue : زبان : a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language.

Sinology : چین کی زبان ثقافت کا مطالعہ : the study of Chinese history and language and culture.

Hindi : ہندی زبان : the most widely spoken of modern Indic vernaculars; spoken mostly in the north of India; along with English it is the official language of India; usually written in Devanagari script. "He can write Hindi".

Afghan, Afghani, Pashto, Pashtu, Paxto : پشتو : an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the official language of Afghanistan.

Farsi, Persian : ایران میں بولی جانے والی زبان : the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms. "My father can speak Farsi".

Eskimo, Esquimau : اسکیمو زبان : the language spoken by the Eskimo.

Belarusian, Byelorussian, White Russian : ایک ذبان : the Slavic language spoken in Belarus. "He used to speak white russian".

Sibine, Somrai : ایک زبان : a Chadic language spoken in Chad.

Komi, Zyrian : ایک بولی : the Finnic language spoken by the Komi.

Javanese : جاوا کی زبان : the Indonesian language spoken on Java.

Orthoepy, Pronunciation : طرز ادا : the way a word or a language is customarily spoken. "The pronunciation of Chinese is difficult for foreigners".

Korean : کورین زبان : the Altaic language spoken by Koreans.

Ukrainian : یوکرائن کی زبان : the Slavic language spoken in the Ukraine.

Abkhasian, Abkhazian : ابخازی زبان : a Circassian language spoken by the Abkhaz.

Turkish : ترکی کی زبان : a Turkic language spoken by the Turks.

Fang : بنتو ملک کیمرون کی زبان : a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon.

Delaware : الگونکی زبان : the Algonquian language spoken by the Delaware. "He can speak delaware".

Achomawi : آچوامی لوگوں کی زبان : the Shastan language spoken by the Achomawi.

Italian : اطالوی زبان : the Romance language spoken in Italy.

Colloquial, Conversational : عام : characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation. "Wrote her letters in a colloquial style".

Abnaki : قطب جنوبی کی زبان : the Algonquian language spoken by the Abnaki and Penobscot.

Singhalese, Sinhala, Sinhalese : سری لنکا کی بولی : the Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka.

Iranian, Iranian Language : ایرانی زبان : the modern Persian language spoken in Iran.

Japanese : جاپانی زبان : the language (usually considered to be Altaic) spoken by the Japanese.

Ewe : میں بولی جانے والی زبان : a Kwa language spoken by the Ewe in Ghana and Togo and Benin.

Hmong, Hmong Language, Miao : مونگ زبان : a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong.

Portuguese : پرتگیزی : the Romance language spoken in Portugal and Brazil. "Portuguese is the official language of Brazil".

Sayanci, Zaar : نائجیریا میں بولی جانے والی زبان : a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria. "She knows zaar language".

Kamba : کینیا میں بولی جانے والی بولی : a Bantu language spoken by the Kamba in Kenya.

Mongolian, Mongolic, Mongolic Language : منگولی زبان : a family of Altaic language spoken in Mongolia.

Kuvi : جنوب مشرقی بھارت میں بولی جانے والی زبان : a Dravidian language spoken in southeast India. "People speak kuvi language in southeast India".