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Tajarbati : تجرباتی

1. Probationary, Provisional, Provisionary, Tentative : تجرباتی - عارضی - عارضی طور پر قائم شدہ : under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon.

2. Empiric, Empirical : تجرباتی - مشاہداتی : (adjective) derived from experiment and observation rather than theory.

3. Existential, Experiential : تجرباتی : derived from experience or the experience of existence.

Istalah : Term : a word or expression used for some particular thing. "He learned many medical terms"

Nukat : Term : (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement. "The contract set out the conditions of the lease"

Aakhri Imtehan : Final : an examination administered at the end of an academic term.

Aakhri Muqabla : Final : the final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament.

Meaad, Muddat : Term : a limited period of time. "A prison term"

Aisi Halat Jan ... : Term : the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent. "A healthy baby born at full term"

Zahir Hona : Out : be made known; be disclosed or revealed. "The truth will out"

Shinaakht Hona : Out : reveal (something) about somebody's identity or lifestyle. "The gay actor was outed last week"