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1) Take Account, Appreciate : اچھی طرح سمجھنا : (verb) be fully aware of; realize fully.

Related : Understand : perceive (an idea or situation) mentally.

Useful Words

Aware, Cognisant, Cognizant : واقف : (sometimes followed by `of`) having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception. "Due to global epidemic, the police made everyone aware in the market that if anyone keeps his shop opened after eight o`clock, he will be arrested".

Full, Fully, To The Full : پوری حد تک : to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form). "Fully grown".

Agnise, Agnize, Realise, Realize, Recognise, Recognize : سمجھ لینا : be fully aware or cognizant of.

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