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Takleef Dene Ka Amal : تَکلیف دینے کا عمل

1. Annoyance, Annoying, Irritation, Vexation : تکلیف دینے کا عمل : (noun) the act of troubling or annoying someone.

Shakhs, Insaan : Someone : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Harkat, Kam, Fail : Act : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Takleef Dene Ka... : Annoying : the act of troubling or annoying someone.

Qanoon : Act : a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.

Pesh Aana : Act : behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself. "You should act like an adult"

Kirdar Ada Karna : Act : play a role or part. "Gielgud played Hamlet"

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