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Tanqeed Nigari : تنقید نگاری

1. Criticism, Literary Criticism : تنقید نگاری : (noun) a written evaluation of a work of literature.

Kam : Work : activity directed toward making or doing something. "Work done or not?"

Kam Karnay Ki Jaga : Work : a place where work is done. "He arrived at work early today"

Qadar, Darja : Evaluation : an appraisal of the value of something. "He set a high valuation on friendship"

Adbyiat, Adab : Literature : the humanistic study of a body of literature. "He took a course in Russian lit"

Kharaab Hona : Work : go sour or spoil. "The milk turns sour"

Khamir Karna : Work : cause to undergo fermentation. "We ferment the grapes for a very long time to achieve high alcohol content"

Masla Hal Karna : Work : find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of. "Let`s figure out her clothing style"

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