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ٹپ : Tap Meaning in English

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Tap in Detail

1) ٹپ اکرام : Honorarium : (noun) a fee paid for a nominally free service.

Related : Reward : payment made in return for a service rendered.

Useful Words

معاوضہ : Recompense : payment or reward (as for service rendered).

خود سے کپڑے دہونے کی جگہ جہاں خود کار مشینیں لگی ہوں : Launderette, Laundromat : a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers.

قابل خدمت : Serviceable : ready for service or able to give long service. "Serviceable equipment".

معاوضہ : Guerdon : a reward or payment.

بے نفع : Profitless : without profit or reward. "Let us have no part in profitless quarrels".

اجر دینےکا وعدہ : Carrot : promise of reward as in. "Carrot and stick".

انعام دینا : Award, Present : give, especially as an honor or reward. "Bestow honors and prizes at graduation".

قابل مستحق : Meritable, Meritorious : deserving reward or praise. "A lifetime of meritorious service".

نمائش : Presentation : the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward). "That was a nice presentation".

موسیقی کا آلہ جسے پھونک مار کر بجایا جاتا ہے : Harmonica, Harp, Mouth Harp, Mouth Organ : a small rectangular free-reed instrument having a row of free reeds set back in air holes and played by blowing into the desired hole.

مفت کام کرنے کا عمل : Labor Of Love, Labour Of Love : productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation.

جراثیم سے پاک : Aseptic, Sterile : free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms. "A sterile operating area".

انعام : Bounty, Premium : payment or reward (especially from a government) for acts such as catching criminals or killing predatory animals or enlisting in the military. "Bounty of nature".

غیر ادا شدہ : Unpaid : not paid. "Unpaid wages".

معاوضے کے قابل : Compensable, Paying, Remunerative, Salaried, Stipendiary : for which money is paid. "A paying job".

قبل از وقت ادا کیا ہوا : Paid-Up : paid in advance. "Paid-up insurance".

کیش ہوا : Cashed : for which money has been paid. "A cashed check".

پیشگی ادائیگی : Advance, Cash Advance : an amount paid before it is earned.

رشوت : Amends, Reparation : something done or paid in expiation of a wrong. "How can I make amends".

ضمانت پر رہا ہوجانا : Bail : release after a security has been paid. "Altaf released on bail".

سادا سود : Simple Interest : interest paid on the principal alone.

ٹائپ مشین پر کام کرنے والا : Typist : someone paid to operate a typewriter.

وصول کنندہ تنخواہ لینے والا شخص : Payee : a person to whom money is paid.

ٹیوشن کی فیس : Tuition, Tuition Fee : a fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education). "Tuition and room and board were more than $25,000".

پیمانہ مزدوری : Wage Scale, Wage Schedule : a schedule of wages paid for different jobs.

گاڑی چلانے والا ملازم : Chauffeur : a man paid to drive a privately owned car.

خرچ : Expenditure, Outgo, Outlay, Spending : money paid out; an amount spent.

مزدوری : On The Job, Working : actively engaged in paid work. "The working population".

رقم طے کرنا : Adjust : decide how much is to be paid on an insurance claim.

اجرتی مصنف : Space Writer : a writer paid by the area of the copy.

ادائیگی : Payment : a sum of money paid or a claim discharged.

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