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Tape meaning in Urdu

Tape Sentences

He took along a dozen tapes to record the interview.
The several recordings were combined on a master tape.

Tape Synonyms


Tape Definitions

1 of 5) Tape : باندھنے کے کام آنے والا فیتہ, ڈوری یا کپڑا : (noun) a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening.

He used a piece of tape for a belt.
He wrapped a tape around the package.

2 of 5) Tape, Tape Recording, Taping : صدائی فیتہ : (noun) a recording made on magnetic tape.

3 of 5) Tape, Record : محفوظ کرنا : (verb) register electronically.

4 of 5) Tape, Tape Measure, Tapeline : ناپنے والا ٹیپ : (noun) measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths.

The carpenter should have used his tape measure.

5 of 5) Tape, Mag Tape, Magnetic Tape : مقناطیسی ورق جس پر آواز وغیرہ ٹیپ کی جاتی ہے : (noun) memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information.

Useful Words

Cellulose Tape : اسکاچ ٹیپ , Dat : آواز محفوظ کرنے والا آلہ , Cassette : ٹیپ ریکارڈنگ کیسیٹ , Splice : جوڑنا , Yard Measure : ایک گز کا فٹا , Adhesive Tape : گوند پٹی , Adhesive Plaster : چپک جانے والا پلاسٹر , Dictaphone : املا مشین , Bobbin : پھرکی , Friction Tape : ایک قسم کا ٹیپ , Adhesive Bandage : چپکنے والی پٹی , Tape Machine : مقناطیسی فیتے پر ریکارڈ کرنے والی مشین , Rag : کاغذ یا کپڑے کا چھوٹا سا ٹکڑا , Towel : تولیہ , Rice Paper : چینی کاغذ , Bar : سریا , Carbon : کاربن کاغذ , Bootlace : جوتے کا فیتہ , Cd : کومپیکٹ ڈسک , Decree : حکم , Dustcloth : گرد صاف کرنے والا , Placket : زیر جامعہ , Sleazy : ہلکا کپڑا , End : کوئی بچی کچی چیز , Liner : کپڑوں کے اندر استعمال ہونے والا کپڑا , Pongee : چینی ریشمی کپڑا , Tissue : باریک کاغذ , Face Cloth : صافی , Handkerchief : رومال , Tissue : کپڑا بننا , Shawl : شال

Useful Words Definitions

Cellulose Tape: transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape (trade names Scotch tape and Sellotape) used for sealing or attaching or mending.

Dat: a digital tape recording of sound.

Cassette: a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video.

Splice: a junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together.

Yard Measure: a ruler or tape that is three feet long.

Adhesive Tape: tape coated with adhesive.

Adhesive Plaster: adhesive tape used in dressing wounds.

Dictaphone: a tape recorder that records and reproduces dictation.

Bobbin: a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound.

Friction Tape: a water-resistant adhesive tape used to insulate exposed electrical conductors.

Adhesive Bandage: bandage consisting of a medical dressing of plain absorbent gauze held in place by a plastic or fabric tape coated with adhesive.

Tape Machine: a magnetic recorder using magnetic tape.

Rag: a small piece of cloth or paper.

Towel: a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping.

Rice Paper: a thin delicate material resembling paper; made from the rice-paper tree.

Bar: a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon.

Carbon: a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon); used to transfer characters from the original to an under sheet of paper.

Bootlace: a long lace for fastening boots.

Cd: a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record; played back by a laser.

Decree: a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge).

Dustcloth: a piece of cloth used for dusting.

Placket: a piece of cloth sewn under an opening.

Sleazy: of cloth; thin and loosely woven.

End: a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold.

Liner: a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment.

Pongee: a soft thin cloth woven from raw silk (or an imitation).

Tissue: a soft thin (usually translucent) paper.

Face Cloth: bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body.

Handkerchief: a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory.

Tissue: create a piece of cloth by interlacing strands of fabric, such as wool or cotton.

Shawl: cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders.

Related Words

Prerecord : پہلے سے ریکارڈ کر لینا

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