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ترقی پذیر : Taraqqi Pazer Meaning in English

Taraqqi Pazer in Detail

1) ترقی پذیر : Improvable : (satellite adjective) susceptible of improvement.


Useful Words

قابل اصلاح : Redeemable , مذہب وغیرہ کا سدھار : Reformation , اضافہ : Enhancement , ترقی : Advancement , بہبود : Betterment , حق ملکیت : Accession , تصحیح : Correction , قائل ہونے والا : Convincible , متاثر نہ ہونے کی حالت : Immunity , غلبہ پزیر : Subduable , متوجہ کرنا : Predispose , قابل شکست : Beatable , لبھانے کے لائق : Temptable , سدھارنا : Reform , قابل تجویز : Suggestible , پر احساس : Sensitive , خطرہ : Danger , جذباتی : Susceptibility , کمیت کا : Quantitative , عمدہ : Delicate , بے تغیر : Changeless , مسلمہ : Axiom , رائی کا پودا : Rye , سویابین : Glycine Max , اصلاح : Advance , متاثر ہونے والا : Susceptible

Useful Words Definitions

Redeemable: susceptible to improvement or reform.

Reformation: improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices etc.; intended to make a striking change for the better in social or political or religious affairs.

Enhancement: an improvement that makes something more agreeable.

Advancement: gradual improvement or growth or development.

Betterment: an improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility.

Accession: (civil law) the right to all of that which your property produces whether by growth or improvement.

Correction: the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.

Convincible: being susceptible to persuasion.

Immunity: the state of not being susceptible.

Subduable: susceptible to being subjugated.

Predispose: make susceptible.

Beatable: susceptible to being defeated.

Temptable: susceptible to temptation.

Reform: make changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices.

Suggestible: susceptible or responsive to suggestion.

Sensitive: being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others.

Danger: the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury.

Susceptibility: the state of being susceptible; easily affected.

Quantitative: expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement.

Delicate: exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury.

Changeless: not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature.

Axiom: (logic) a proposition that is not susceptible of proof or disproof; its truth is assumed to be self-evident.

Rye: hardy annual cereal grass widely cultivated in northern Europe where its grain is the chief ingredient of black bread and in North America for forage and soil improvement.

Glycine Max: erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia.

Advance: a change for the better; progress in development.

Susceptible: (often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of.

Related Words

قابل اصلاح : Corrigible

Close Words

جمود : Backwater , ترقی پسندیت : Progressivism , ترقی دینا : Aggrandise , اضافہ ہونا : Boom , تسلسل : Patterned Advance , ترقی پسندی : Progressiveness , ترقی پاتا : Booming , بڑھاوا دینا : Advance , فائدہ حاصل کرنا : Advance , ترقی دینے والا : Developer , ترقی کرنا : Advance

Close Words Definitions

Backwater: a place or condition in which no development or progress is occurring.

Progressivism: the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society.

Aggrandise: add details to.

Boom: grow vigorously.

Patterned Advance: a series with a definite pattern of advance.

Progressiveness: advancement toward better conditions or policies or methods.

Booming: very lively and profitable.

Advance: contribute to the progress or growth of.

Advance: obtain advantages, such as points, etc..

Developer: someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use).

Advance: develop in a positive way.

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