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تربیت یافتہ پالتو جانور : Tarbiyat Yafta Paltu Janwar Meaning in English

Tarbiyat Yafta Paltu Janwar in Detail

1) تربیت یافتہ پالتو جانور : House-Trained Housebroken : (satellite adjective) (of pets) trained to urinate and defecate outside or in a special place.


Useful Words

پاخانہ کرنا : Ca-Ca : have a bowel movement. "The dog had defecated in the flower beds".

گھر سے باہر : Alfresco : outside a building. "In summer we play outside".

پسندیدہ : Best-Loved : preferred above all others and treated with partiality. "The favored child".

رکھنا : Lay : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?".

مخصوص : Especial : surpassing what is common or usual or expected. "He paid especial attention to her".

تربیت یافتہ : Trained : shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form. "A trained mind".

پیشاب کرنا : Urinate : pass after the manner of urine. "The sick men urinated blood".

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