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تاریخ کا : Tareekh Ka Meaning in English

Tareekh Ka in Detail

1) تاریخ کا : Historical : (adjective) of or relating to the study of history.


Useful Words

تاریخ لسانی : Diachronic , جرمن معیشت دان کی فکر : Historical School , تاریخی دستاویز : Historical Document , حال ماضی : Historical Present , علم لسان : Diachronic Linguistics , تاریخ : Account , سوانح عمری : Biography , تاریخ کا سبق : History Lesson , شعبہ تاریخ : Department Of History , تاریخ کائنات : Natural History , نصاب : Class , مطالعہ : Study , نصاب تعلیم : Course Of Study , خاکہ : Sketch , گھریلو مطالعہ : Home Study , پڑھائی کمرہ : Study Hall

Useful Words Definitions

Diachronic: used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time.

Historical School: a school of 19th century German economists and legal philosophers who tried to explain modern economic systems in evolutionary or historical terms.

Historical Document: writing having historical value (as opposed to fiction or myth etc.).

Historical Present: the use of the present tense to describe past actions or states.

Diachronic Linguistics: the study of linguistic change.

Account: a record or narrative description of past events.

Biography: an account of the series of events making up a person's life.

History Lesson: a lesson in the facts of history.

Department Of History: the academic department responsible for teaching history.

Natural History: the scientific study of plants or animals (more observational than experimental) usually published in popular magazines rather than in academic journals.

Class: education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings.

Study: a detailed critical inspection.

Course Of Study: an integrated course of academic studies.

Sketch: preliminary drawing for later elaboration.

Home Study: a course of study carried out at home rather than in a classroom.

Study Hall: a period of time during the school day that is set aside for study.

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