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Taste Tester meaning in Urdu

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Taste Tester Definitions

1) Taste Tester, Sampler, Taste-Tester, Taster : چکھنے والا : (noun) someone who samples food or drink for its quality.

Useful Words

Tastelessly : بے دلی سے , Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی , Acid : تلخ ذائقہ , Aftertaste : منہ میں رہ جانے والا مزا , Grapey : انگور کا سا مزا رکھنے والا , Degust : ذائقہ چکھنا , Winey : شراب جیسا زائقہ , Gingery : ادرک کے مزے والا , Dainty : لذیذ , Dulcify : میٹھا کرنا , Distasteful : بد مزا , Mouth-Watering : منھ میں پانی لانے والا , Acid-Tasting : کھٹاس بھرا , Piquant : چٹپٹا , Nippy : تکلیف پہنچانے کی طرف مائل؛ تیز؛ کٹیلا جیسے سخت سرد؛ , Tastefully : خوش ذوقی سے , Acerbity : بہت کھٹا , Style : فیشن , Deliciously : عمدگی سے , Acerb : کڑوا , Palatable : خوش ذائقہ , Rank : بد بو دار , Delicacy : عمدہ ذائقہ , Dowdy : پرانے طرز کا , Tastefulness : مزیدار , Tasty : خوش ذائقہ , Acidity : کھٹاس , Delectable : خوش ذائقہ , Bland : بد مزہ , Coarse : خراب , Civilised : باسلیقہ

Useful Words Definitions

Tastelessly: without taste or in poor taste; in a tasteless manner.

Elegance: a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste.

Acid: being sour to the taste.

Aftertaste: an afterimage of a taste.

Grapey: having a taste like that of grapes.

Degust: taste with relish.

Winey: having the taste of wine.

Gingery: having a taste like that of ginger.

Dainty: especially pleasing to the taste.

Dulcify: make sweeter in taste.

Distasteful: not pleasing in odor or taste.

Mouth-Watering: pleasing to the sense of taste.

Acid-Tasting: having a sour acidic taste.

Piquant: having an agreeably pungent taste.

Nippy: a sharp biting taste.

Tastefully: with taste; in a tasteful manner.

Acerbity: a sharp sour taste.

Style: the popular taste at a given time.

Deliciously: so as to produce a delightful taste.

Acerb: sour or bitter in taste.

Palatable: acceptable to the taste or mind.

Rank: very offensive in smell or taste.

Delicacy: refined taste; tact.

Dowdy: lacking in smartness or taste.

Tastefulness: elegance indicated by good taste.

Tasty: pleasing to the sense of taste.

Acidity: the taste experience when something acidic is taken into the mouth.

Delectable: extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

Bland: lacking taste or flavor or tang.

Coarse: lacking refinement or cultivation or taste.

Civilised: marked by refinement in taste and manners.

Related Words

Critic : تبصرہ نگار

Close Words

Taste : مزا , Taste Bud : زبان کا حصہ , Taste-Maker : نئے فیشن کو متعارف کرنے والا , Tasteful : ذائقہ میں اچھا , Tasteless : بے ذائقہ , Tastelessness : بد مذاقی

Close Words Definitions

Taste: the sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus.

Taste Bud: an oval sensory end organ on the surface of the tongue.

Taste-Maker: someone who popularizes a new fashion.

Tasteful: having or showing or conforming to good taste.

Tasteless: lacking flavor.

Tastelessness: the property of having no flavor.

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