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Telephone Company Definitions

1) Telephone Company, Phone Company, Phone Service, Telco, Telephone Service : فون کی کمپنی : (noun) a public utility that provides telephone service.

Useful Words

Phone Bill : فون کا بل , Wired : بجلی کے تار وں سے آراستہ ہونا , Subsidiary : ضمنی ادارہ , Call Box : فون کرنے کی جگہ , Line : فون لائن , Call : فون کرنا , Call : ٹیلی فونی رابطہ , Number : فون نمبر , Hang Up : فون رکھنا , Caller : ٹیلی فون کرنے والا , Phone Tapper : تار نگران , Bug : خفیہ طور پر ریکارڈ کرنا , Hot Line : افسروں کا براہ راست رابطہ , Call Back : دوبارہ فون کرنا , Radiophone : ریڈیائی ٹیلیفون , Calling Card : فون کارڈ , Long-Distance : دور دراز علاقے کے متعلق , Dial : فون نمبر ملانا , Long Distance : دور دراز سے فون کرنا , Electrician : بجلی کا کاریگر , Receptionist : استقبال کرنے والی یا والا , Acoustic Modem : برقی اشارے بدلنے کا آلہ , Home Banking : ہوم بینکاری , Telethon : ٹی وی پر بیٹھ کر خیرات جمع کرنا لوگوں کے لئے , Together : اکٹھے , Affiliate : منسلک , Keep To Oneself : الگ تھلگ رہنا , Marginal Utility : معاشی خدمت سے ملنے والا اضافی فائدہ , Company Operator : کمپنی کا ملازم , Suzuki : جاپانی گاڑی بنانے والی کمپنی , Associate : دوست

Useful Words Definitions

Phone Bill: statement of charges for telephone service.

Wired: equipped with wire or wires especially for electric or telephone service.

Subsidiary: a company that is completely controlled by another company.

Call Box: booth for using a telephone.

Line: a telephone connection.

Call: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone.

Call: a telephone connection.

Number: the number is used in calling a particular telephone.

Hang Up: put a telephone receiver back in its cradle.

Caller: the person initiating a telephone call.

Phone Tapper: someone who wiretaps a telephone or telegraph wire.

Bug: tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information.

Hot Line: a direct telephone line between two officials.

Call Back: return or repeat a telephone call.

Radiophone: a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables.

Calling Card: a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls.

Long-Distance: of or relating to or being a long-distance telephone call.

Dial: operate a dial to select a telephone number.

Long Distance: a telephone call made outside the local calling area.

Electrician: a person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone lines.

Receptionist: a secretary whose main duty is to answer the telephone and receive visitors.

Acoustic Modem: a modem that converts electrical signals to telephone tones and back again.

Home Banking: banking in which transactions are conducted by means of electronic communication (via telephone or computer).

Telethon: a television program or show, for long time, whose purpose is to raise money for charity on telephone.

Together: in each other`s company.

Affiliate: keep company with; hang out with.

Keep To Oneself: shun the company of others.

Marginal Utility: (economics) the amount that utility increases with an increase of one unit of an economic good or service.

Company Operator: an operator who works for a company.

Suzuki : car manufacturer company in Japan.

Associate: a friend who is frequently in the company of another.

Close Words

Telephone : ٹیلی فون , Telephone Exchange : ایکسچینج

Close Words Definitions

Telephone: electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds.

Telephone Exchange: a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication.

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