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Test Tube meaning in Urdu

Test Tube Definitions

1) Test Tube : تجربہ نلکی : (noun) glass tube closed at one end.


Useful Words

Flute : بانسری , Siphon : پائپ , Kaleidoscope : سیر بین , Salpinx : رحم کی نالی , Tubule : چھوٹی سی نلکی , Bore : بندوق کی نالی کے اندر کا قطر , Block : رکاوٹ , Cannulate : نلکی ڈالنا , Tubeless : بے ٹیوب , Barrel : بندوق کی نال , Vas : نالی , A Battery : بیٹری اے , Inlet : وہ مقام جہاں سے کوئی چیز داخل ہو سکے , Geiger Counter : تابکاری ناپنے والا آلہ , Speaking Tube : وہ نلی جس سے آواز دوسری جگہ جا سکے , Clarinet : شہنائی , Acorn Tube : باریک نالی , Complement Fixation Test : خون کا ٹیسٹ , Cannular : نلکی نما , Cannulation : نلکی ڈالنے کا عمل , Forced Feeding : جبراً کھلانے کا عمل , Pipage : پائپ , Crt Screen : اسکرین , Crimper : گھنگریالا بنانے کا آلہ , Trachea : ہوا کی نالی , Gun : بندوق , Drain : پائپ ڈال کر جسم سے غیر ضروری مادہ نکالنا , Petrel : لمبی چونچ والی چڑیا , Dacryocystitis : آنسو پیدا کرنے والی تھیلی پر ورم کا آ جانا اور اس کے نتیجے میں آنسو کی تھیلی سے ملنے والی نالی میں پیپ پڑ جاتی ہے اور وہ بند ہو جاتی ہے , Canal : نالی , Trombone : ترم بون

Useful Words Definitions

Flute: a high-pitched woodwind instrument; a slender tube closed at one end with finger holes on one end and an opening near the closed end across which the breath is blown.

Siphon: a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube.

Kaleidoscope: an optical toy in a tube; it produces symmetrical patterns as bits of colored glass are reflected by mirrors.

Salpinx: a tube in the uterus or the ear.

Tubule: a small tube.

Bore: diameter of a tube or gun barrel.

Block: an obstruction in a pipe or tube.

Cannulate: introduce a cannula or tube into.

Tubeless: of a tire; not needing an inner tube.

Barrel: a tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired.

Vas: a tube in which a body fluid circulates.

A Battery: the battery used to heat the filaments of a vacuum tube.

Inlet: an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container.

Geiger Counter: counter tube that detects ionizing radiations.

Speaking Tube: a tube for conveying the sound of a voice from one room to another.

Clarinet: a single-reed instrument with a straight tube.

Acorn Tube: a small vacuum tube; used at high frequencies.

Complement Fixation Test: a blood test in which a sample of serum is exposed to a particular antigen and complement in order to determine whether or not antibodies to that particular antigen are present; used as a diagnostic test.

Cannular: constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids).

Cannulation: the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ.

Forced Feeding: feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat.

Pipage: a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc..

Crt Screen: the display that is electronically created on the surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube.

Crimper: a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it.

Trachea: membranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx to the bronchi.

Gun: a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel).

Drain: tube inserted into a body cavity (as during surgery) to remove unwanted material.

Petrel: relatively small long-winged tube-nosed bird that flies far from land.

Dacryocystitis: inflammation of the lacrimal sac causing obstruction of the tube draining tears into the nose.

Canal: a bodily passage or tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance.

Trombone: a brass instrument consisting of a long tube whose length can be varied by a U-shaped slide.

Related Words

Tube : نالی

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