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1) Texas Longhorn, Longhorn : لمبے سینگوں والا : (noun) long-horned beef cattle formerly common in southwestern United States.

Related : Beef Cattle : cattle that are reared for their meat.

Useful Words

Lone-Star State, Texas, Tx : ٹیکسس : the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas Fever : مویشیوں کو لگ جانے والی بیماری : an infectious disease of cattle transmitted by the cattle tick.

Hexalectris Warnockii, Texas Purple Spike : بے پتہ پودا : orchid with slender nearly leafless reddish-brown stems with loose racemes of reddish-brown flowers; of open brushy woods of southeastern Arizona and central Texas.

Ranger, Texas Ranger : گشتی محافظ : a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier.

Beefalo, Cattalo : دوغلا جانور : hardy breed of cattle resulting from crossing domestic cattle with the American buffalo; yields leaner beef than conventional breeds. "Beefalo weight is about 900 to 1800 pounds".

Aurochs, Bos Primigenius, Urus : ناپید جنگلی بیل : large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox; considered one of the ancestors of domestic cattle. "Bos primigenius is scientific name of urus".

Ground Beef, Hamburger : قیمہ : beef that has been ground.

Short Ribs : معلق پسلیاں : cut of beef containing rib ends near the sternum.

Jerk, Jerked Meat, Jerky : دوپ میں خشک کردہ گوشت کے ٹکڑے : meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun.

Pastrami : بڑا گوشت : highly seasoned cut of smoked beef.

Brisket : سینے کا گوشت : a cut of meat from the lower chest especially of beef.

Salisbury Steak : قیمے اور دوسرے اجزا سے تیار کردہ سموسے وغیرہ : ground beef patty usually with a sauce.

Suet : چربیلے ریشے : hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and sheep.

Pot-Au-Feu : بکرے کے گوشت کے دم پخت : traditional French stew of vegetables and beef.

Consomme : شوربا : clear soup usually of beef or veal or chicken. "He made consomme".

Pot Roast : پکایا ہوا گوشت : cut of beef suitable for simmering in liquid in a closed pot.

Africander : افریقی گائے : tall large-horned humped cattle of South Africa; used for meat or draft.

Club Steak, Delmonico Steak : چانپ : small steak from the front of the short loin of beef.

Bullshot : ایک جام : a cocktail made with vodka and beef bouillon or consomme. "Bullshot on the table".

Pickle Beef : اچار گوشت : Spicy beef dish that is served with roti or naan.. "Did you try pickle beef".

Shank : جانور کے گوشت کا ٹکڑا : a cut of meat (beef or veal or mutton or lamb) from the upper part of the leg.

Beefburger, Burger, Hamburger : ہیمبرگر : a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients. "I have to eat burger".

Dog, Frank, Frankfurter, Hot Dog, Hotdog, Weenie, Wiener, Wienerwurst : بن کباب : a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll. "Tell me toasted hot dogs recipe".

Hereford, Whiteface : انگلش مویشی : hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United States.

Battle Born State, Nevada, Nv, Sagebrush State, Silver State : امریکی ریاست : a state in the southwestern United States. "He was in Nevada".

Prairie Coneflower, Ratibida Tagetes : جنوب مغربی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا کون پھول : coneflower of central to southwestern United States.

Chili, Chili Con Carne : مرچ والا کھانا : ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans. "We have eaten chili con carne in lunch".

Hooded Skunk, Mephitis Macroura : امریکا کا جنوبی حصہ : of Mexico and southernmost parts of southwestern United States.

Soap Tree, Soap-Weed, Soapweed, Yucca Elata : درخت نما لمبا ایک امریکی پودا : tall arborescent yucca of southwestern United States.

Asclepias Subverticillata, Horsetail Milkweed, Poison Milkweed : دودھیا جھاڑی : milkweed of southwestern United States and Mexico; poisonous to livestock.

Genus Holbrookia, Holbrookia : بہری چپکلی : a species of earless lizards endemic to the southwestern and central United States.

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