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تیز آواز پیدا کرنا : Tez Awaz Paida Karna Meaning in English


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1 of 2) Squall : تیز آواز پیدا کرنا : (verb) make high-pitched, whiney noises.

English Synonym(s) : Waul Wawl

Related : Yawl : emit long loud cries.


2 of 2) Creak : تیز آواز پیدا کرنا : (verb) make a high-pitched, screeching noise.

English Synonym(s) : Screak Screech Skreak Squeak Whine

Urdu Synonym(s) : چلا اٹھنا چیخ اٹھنا

Related : Resound : emit a noise.

Useful Words

سب سے تیز گیئر : High, High Gear : a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed. "He drives slow in a high gear"

بے اصولی : Haphazardness, Noise, Randomness, Stochasticity : the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan.

زیادہ : High : a lofty level or position or degree. "You are bidding high"

آواز : Noise : sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound). "I heard a strange noise"

ثانوی اور اعلی ثانوی اسکول : High, High School, Highschool, Senior High, Senior High School : a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12. "He goes to the neighborhood highschool"

اونچی جگہ : Heights, High : a high place. "They stood on high and observed the countryside"

بنانا : Make : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends"

پیشاب کرنا : Make, Make Water, Micturate, Pass Water, Pee, Pee-Pee, Piddle, Piss, Puddle, Relieve Oneself, Spend A Penny, Take A Leak, Urinate, Wee, Wee-Wee : eliminate urine. "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"

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