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The Indies meaning in Urdu

The Indies Synonym

The Indies Definitions

1) The Indies, West Indies : ویسٹ انڈیز : (noun) the string of islands between North America and South America; a popular resort area.


Useful Words

Agouti : جنوبی امریکی چوہا , Guppy : ایک قسم کی چھوٹی رنگ برنگ مچھلی , Caimito : ایک قسم کا پھل , Haiti : ہیٹی جزیرہ , Acanthurus Chirurgus : کیرابین کی سرجن مچھلی , Cuban Mahogany : ویسٹ انڈیز میں پایا جانے والا درخت , Holocentrus Ascensionis : روشن سرخ مچھلی , Holocanthus Tricolor : کالی پیلی مچھلی , Canistel : فلوریڈا میں پایا جانے والا گرم خطے کا درخت , Hercules'-Club : خاردار جھاڑی , Aegiceras Majus : آسٹریلیا کا درخت , Astropogon Stellatus : کونچ مچھلی , Canistel : انڈے جیسا نارنگی اور پیلا رنگ کا میٹھا پھل , Agalinis : پھولدار امریکی پودا , America : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا , Ageratum : دھند پھول , Abelmoschus Esculentus : بھنڈی کا پودا , Grama : ایک قسم کی گھاس , Musk Hog : ایک قسم کا بکرا , Occident : مغربی ممالک , Aphriza Virgata : ایک ساحل باش پرندہ , New World : نئی دنیا , Bimli : فائبر کا پودا , Bluebird : پھل خور نیلا گانے والا پرندہ , Gibbon : بغیر دم کا لنگور , Bermuda : برمودہ جزائر , Adirondack Mountains : نیویارک کا پہاڑی سلسلہ , Felis Tigrina : جنگلی بلی , Quetzal : ایک خوبصورت پرندہ , Camas : شمالی اور جنوبی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا پودا , Felis Pardalis : جنگلی بلی

Useful Words Definitions

Agouti: agile long-legged rabbit-sized rodent of Central America and South America and the West Indies; valued as food.

Guppy: small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies; often kept in aquariums.

Caimito: evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides.

Haiti: an island in the West Indies.

Acanthurus Chirurgus: surgeon fish of the West Indies.

Cuban Mahogany: mahogany tree of West Indies.

Holocentrus Ascensionis: bright red fish of West Indies and Bermuda.

Holocanthus Tricolor: gold and black butterflyfish found from West Indies to Brazil.

Canistel: tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit.

Hercules'-Club: densely spiny ornamental of southeastern United States and West Indies.

Aegiceras Majus: an Australian tree resembling the black mangrove of the West Indies and Florida.

Astropogon Stellatus: found in West Indies; lives in mantle cavity of a living conch.

Canistel: ovoid orange-yellow mealy sweet fruit of Florida and West Indies.

Agalinis: semiparasitic herb with purple or white or pink flowers; grows in the United States and West Indies.

America: North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Ageratum: rhizomatous plant of central and southeastern United States and West Indies having large showy heads of clear blue flowers; sometimes placed in genus Eupatorium.

Abelmoschus Esculentus: tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews; sometimes placed in genus Hibiscus.

Grama: pasture grass of plains of South America and western North America.

Musk Hog: nocturnal gregarious pig-like wild animals of North America and South America.

Occident: the countries of (originally) Europe and (now including) North America and South America.

Aphriza Virgata: sandpiper-like shorebird of Pacific coasts of North America and South America.

New World: the hemisphere that includes North America and South America.

Bimli: valuable fiber plant of East Indies now widespread in cultivation.

Bluebird: fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies.

Gibbon: smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail; of southern Asia and East Indies.

Bermuda: a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast; British colony; a popular resort.

Adirondack Mountains: a mountain range in northeastern New York State; a popular resort area.

Felis Tigrina: medium-sized wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-striped coat.

Quetzal: large trogon of Central America and South America having golden-green and scarlet plumage.

Camas: any of several plants of the genus Camassia; North and South America.

Felis Pardalis: nocturnal wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-spotted buff-brown coat.

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