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Thick meaning in Urdu

Thick Sentences

The blood was thick in tube.
A thickset young man.

Thick Synonyms


Thick Definitions

1 of 7) Thick, Midst : درمیان, بیچ : (noun) the location of something surrounded by other things.

2 of 7) Thick : موٹا : (adjective) not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions.

An inch thick.
A thick board.+ More

3 of 7) Thick, Thickly : گاڑھا گاڑھا : (adverb) with a thick consistency.

4 of 7) Thick : گنجان : (satellite adjective) having component parts closely crowded together.

Thick crowds.
A thick forest.+ More

5 of 7) Thick, Compact, Heavyset, Stocky, Thickset : مضبوط : (satellite adjective) having a short and solid form or stature.

6 of 7) Thick, Dense : ٹہوس, موٹا, گھنا : (satellite adjective) hard to pass through because of dense growth.

Thick woods.

Useful Words

Butcher Block : بگدا , Brassica Oleracea Capitata : بند گوبی کا پودا , Gelatinlike : جیلی نما , Loblolly : دلدل , Inspissate : گاڑھا ہونا , Creamy : ملائی نما , Goo : گاڑھی شئے , Brogan : بھاری جوتا , Inspissate : گاڑھا کرنا , Hassock : مسند , Thickly : گاڑھی طرح , Potage : گاڑھا سوپ , Coagulable : قابل انجماد , Sirup : شربت , Cardboard : سخت کاغذ , Shortbread : مکھن وغیرہ تیار کیا گیا موٹا کلچہ , Bushy : الجھا ہوا , Grease : تیل , Fudge Sauce : چاکلیٹ کی چٹنی , Thick Skin : موٹی کھال , Slab : کسی چیز کا موٹا سا ٹکڑا , Mat : چٹائی , Smolder : سلگنا , Pollex : آدمی کا انگوٹھا , Hottentot Bread : پودے کی جڑ , Thickly : بیٹھی ہوئی آواز میں , Duck Sauce : چینی چٹنی , Apple Butter : سیب کی چٹنی , Mackinaw : ایک موٹا کمبل , Black Walnut : سیاہ اخروٹ , Callous : سخت

Useful Words Definitions

Butcher Block: a thick wooden slab formed by bonding together thick laminated strips of unpainted hardwood.

Brassica Oleracea Capitata: any of various cultivated cabbage plants having a short thick stalk and large compact head of edible usually green leaves.

Gelatinlike: thick like gelatin.

Loblolly: thick gruel.

Inspissate: become thick or thicker.

Creamy: thick like cream.

Goo: any thick, viscous matter.

Brogan: a thick and heavy shoe.

Inspissate: make thick or thicker.

Hassock: thick cushion used as a seat.

Thickly: with thickness; in a thick manner.

Potage: thick (often creamy) soup.

Coagulable: capable of coagulating and becoming thick.

Sirup: a thick sweet sticky liquid.

Cardboard: a stiff moderately thick paper.

Shortbread: very rich thick butter cookie.

Bushy: used of hair; thick and poorly groomed.

Grease: a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery).

Fudge Sauce: thick chocolate sauce served hot.

Thick Skin: skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros).

Slab: block consisting of a thick piece of something.

Mat: a thick flat pad used as a floor covering.

Smolder: a fire that burns with thick smoke but no flame.

Pollex: the thick short innermost digit of the forelimb.

Hottentot Bread: thick edible rootstock of elephant`s-foot.

Thickly: spoken with poor articulation as if with a thick tongue.

Duck Sauce: a thick sweet and pungent Chinese condiment.

Apple Butter: thick dark spicy puree of apples.

Mackinaw: a thick plaid blanket formerly used in the northwestern United States.

Black Walnut: American walnut having a very hard and thick woody shell.

Callous: having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear.

Related Words

Thickness : گاڑھا پن , Inside : اندر , Concentrated : اجتماعی , Impenetrable : ناقابل دخول , Little : چھوٹا , Fat : فربہ