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Thick meaning in Urdu

Thick Sentences

The blood was thick in tube.
A thickset young man.

Thick Synonyms

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Thick in Detail

1 of 7) Thick, Midst : درمیان, بیچ : (noun) the location of something surrounded by other things.

Related : Interior : the region that is inside of something.


2 of 7) Thick : موٹا : (adjective) not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions.

An inch thick.
A thick board.+ More

Related : Thickness : the dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width. Fat : having a relatively large diameter.

3 of 7) Thick, Thickly : گاڑھا گاڑھا : (adverb) with a thick consistency.

4 of 7) Thick : گنجان : (satellite adjective) having component parts closely crowded together.

Thick crowds.
A thick forest.+ More

Related : Concentrated : gathered together or made less diffuse.

5 of 7) Thick, Compact, Heavyset, Stocky, Thickset : مضبوط : (satellite adjective) having a short and solid form or stature.

Related : Short : low in stature; not tall.

6 of 7) Thick, Dense : ٹہوس, موٹا, گھنا : (satellite adjective) hard to pass through because of dense growth.

Thick woods.

Related : Impenetrable : not admitting of penetration or passage into or through.

Useful Words

Thick Skin : موٹی کھال : skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros).

Thickly : گاڑھی طرح : with thickness; in a thick manner. "Spread 1/4 lb softened margarine or cooking fat fairly thickly all over the surface".

Brassica Oleracea Capitata, Head Cabbage, Head Cabbage Plant : بند گوبی کا پودا : any of various cultivated cabbage plants having a short thick stalk and large compact head of edible usually green leaves.

Fifth Column, Trojan Horse : وطن دشمن : a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage; an enemy in your midst. "He was trojan horse".

Transplant, Transplantation, Transplanting : منتقلی : the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location. "The transplant did not flower until the second year".

Address, Destination, Name And Address : پتہ کے بارے میں مزید معلومات : written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location.

Butcher Block, Butcher Board : بگدا : a thick wooden slab formed by bonding together thick laminated strips of unpainted hardwood.

Slather : بہت زیادہ لیپنا : spread thickly. "I can't eat bagels without slathering them with cream cheese".

Beplaster, Plaster : چپکانا : cover conspicuously or thickly, as by pasting something on. "The demonstrators plastered the hallways with posters".

Afro, Afro Hairdo : گھنگھریالے بالوں کا ایک انداز : a rounded thickly curled hairdo.

Begrimed, Dingy, Grimy, Grubby, Grungy, Raunchy : مٹی سے اٹا : thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot. "A miner's begrimed face".

Bushy : جھاڑی دار : resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading.

Gauge : تار کی موٹائی : the thickness of wire.

Pachycheilia : ہونٹوں کا موٹا پن : an abnormal thickness of the lips.

Heraclitus : یونانی فلسفی : a presocratic Greek philosopher who said that fire is the origin of all things and that permanence is an illusion as all things are in perpetual flux (circa 500 BC).

Creaminess, Soupiness : چکناہٹ : the property of having the thickness of heavy cream.

Bed, Layer : پرت : single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance. "Slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach".

Two-Ply : دو تہوں والا : having a thickness made up of two layers or strands.

Thin : پتلا : lose thickness; become thin or thinner.

Flat : چپٹا : having a relatively broad surface in relation to depth or thickness. "Flat computer monitors".

Landlocked : زمین سے گھرا ہوا : surrounded entirely or almost entirely by land. "A landlocked country".

Seagirt : سمندر سے گھرا ہوا : surrounded or enclosed by the sea.

Cavity, Enclosed Space : گڑھا : space that is surrounded by something.

Amid : درمیان : Surrounded by; in the middle of. "Amid standoff, opposition seeks dissolution of government".

Besieged : محصور : surrounded by hostile forces. "The besieged town".

Enclosed : ملفوف کرنا : closed in or surrounded or included within. "An enclosed porch".

Mil : لمبائی ناپنے کی اکائی : a unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch; used to specify thickness (e.g., of sheets or wire).

Lake : تالاب : a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land.

Spadix : موٹی ڈنڈی والا پہولوں کا گچھا : the fleshy axis of a spike often surrounded by a spathe.

Egg Yolk, Yolk : انڈے کی زردی : the yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen. "I don`t eat egg yolk".

Quad, Quadrangle : چوکور : a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings.

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