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تحریر کرنے کی صلاحیت نہ ہونا : Threer Karnay Ki Salahiyat Na Hona Meaning in English

Threer Karnay Ki Salahiyat Na Hona in Detail


Useful Words

بانجھ پن : Infertility , کھیل کا چھکا : Domino , کھرچ کر بنانا : Engrave , چل نہ سکنا : Abasia , پیشاب نہ کر سکنا : Anuresis , عدم فہم : Incomprehension , بے بسی : Helplessness , قرض اتارنے کے لائق نہ ہونا : Bankruptcy , پیشاب نہ کر سکنے والا : Anuretic , دنوندھا پن : Day Blindness , لکھے الفاظ سمجھنے سے قاصر : Alexia , رنگوں میں تمیز کرنے کی قابلیت نہ ہونا : Color Blindness , چھوڑ دینا : Superannuate , چل نہ سکنے والا : Abasic , بے خوابی : Insomnia , فاسد فعل : Apraxia , بے حسی : Agnosia , اکتھیکسیا بیماری : Acathexia , بند کرنا : Block Off , رکاوٹ ڈالنا : Block , اوپر لکھنا : Superscribe , کسی دوسرے کے لئے لکھنا : Ghost , کسی حصے یا جسمانی عضو کا درست کام نہ کرنے کا عمل : Incompetence , بھولا : Artless , جلدی سے لکھنا : Dash Off , لکھنے کی ذمے داری دینے کا عمل : Writing Assignment , لاپرواہی سے لکھنا : Scrawl , موسیقی ترتیب دینا : Compose , لکھنے پڑھنے سے محروم : Illiterate , تحریر کرنا : Script , پڑھنے لکھنے کے قابل : Literate

Useful Words Definitions

Infertility: the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate.

Domino: a small rectangular block used in playing the game of dominoes; the face of each block has two equal areas that can bear 0 to 6 dots.

Engrave: carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block.

Abasia: inability to walk.

Anuresis: inability to urinate.

Incomprehension: an inability to understand.

Helplessness: powerlessness revealed by an inability to act.

Bankruptcy: inability to discharge all your debts as they come due.

Anuretic: of or relating to an inability to urinate.

Day Blindness: inability to see clearly in bright light.

Alexia: inability to perceive written words.

Color Blindness: genetic inability to distinguish differences in hue.

Superannuate: retire and pension (someone) because of age or physical inability.

Abasic: of or relating to abasia (inability to walk).

Insomnia: an inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness.

Apraxia: inability to make purposeful movements.

Agnosia: inability to recognize objects by use of the senses.

Acathexia: an inability to retain bodily secretions.

Block Off: block off the passage through.

Block: block passage through.

Superscribe: write on the top or outside.

Ghost: write for someone else.

Incompetence: inability of a part or organ to function properly.

Artless: characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious.

Dash Off: write quickly.

Writing Assignment: an assignment to write something.

Scrawl: write carelessly.

Compose: write music.

Illiterate: not able to read or write.

Script: write a script for.

Literate: able to read and write.

Close Words

تحریر میں لانا : Get Down , تحریر کرنا : Compose , خفیہ لکھائی : Cipher , علم نگارشات : Graphology , مضمون : Column , تحریر سے متعلق : Scriptural , تحریر : Writing

Close Words Definitions

Get Down: put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc..

Compose: produce a literary work.

Cipher: a secret method of writing.

Graphology: the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition).

Column: an article giving opinions or perspectives.

Scriptural: written or relating to writing.

Writing: (usually plural) the collected work of an author.

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