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Titter meaning in Urdu

Titter Synonym

Titter Definitions

1 of 2) Titter : کھسیانی ہنسی : (noun) a nervous restrained laugh.


2 of 2) Titter, Giggle : کھسیانی ہنسی ہنسنا : (verb) laugh nervously.

Useful Words

Giggle : کھسیانی ہنسی , Bellylaugh : قہقہہ لگانا , Brain : دماغ , Unbridled : بے لگام , Uninhibited : آزاد کے ساتھ , Controlled : محدود , Dlam : مجھ پر مت ہنسو , Understatement : گھٹا کر بیان کرنا , Snicker : منھ دبا کر ہنسنا , Break Up : کھل کھلا کر ہنسنا , Risibility : ہنسنے کی عادت , Ymml : تم نے مجھے ہنسادیا , Amuse : ہنسانا , Brain Doctor : نیورولوجی میں ماہر , Chortle : مسکرانا , Barrack : ہنسی اڑانا , Bray : قہقہہ لگانا , Cachinnate : قہقہہ لگانا , Chortle : مسکراہٹ , Ha-Ha : ہنہناہٹ , Comedian : ہنسانے والا , Undertone : دھیما لہجہ , Nervously : بے چینی سے؛ اضطراب سے , Antsy : بے چین , Nervously : بے چینی سے , Nervous : اعصابی نظام سے متعلق , Blue Funk : خوف زدہ , Tense : شدید ہونا , Overanxious : فکر مند , Strain : پریشان کردینا , Tense : سخت ذہنی دباو میں

Useful Words Definitions

Giggle: a foolish or nervous laugh.

Bellylaugh: laugh a deep, hearty laugh.

Brain: that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord.

Unbridled: not restrained or controlled.

Uninhibited: not inhibited or restrained.

Controlled: restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds.

Dlam: Don`t Laugh At Me.

Understatement: a statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said.

Snicker: laugh quietly.

Break Up: laugh unrestrainedly.

Risibility: a disposition to laugh.

Ymml: You Make Me Laugh.

Amuse: make (somebody) laugh.

Brain Doctor: A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders related to the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, which play a crucial role in controlling and coordinating the body`s functions.

Chortle: laugh quietly or with restraint.

Barrack: laugh at with contempt and derision.

Bray: laugh loudly and harshly.

Cachinnate: laugh loudly and in an unrestrained way.

Chortle: a soft partly suppressed laugh.

Ha-Ha: a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing.

Comedian: a professional person who makes people laugh by jokes and comedy.

Undertone: a quiet or subdued quality in spoken or written communication, reflecting a restrained or subtle manner of expression that may convey deeper emotions or implications.

Nervously: with nervous excitement.

Antsy: nervous and unable to relax.

Nervously: in an anxiously nervous manner.

Nervous: of or relating to the nervous system.

Blue Funk: a state of nervous depression.

Tense: become tense, nervous, or uneasy.

Overanxious: anxious or nervous to an excessive degree.

Strain: cause to be tense and uneasy or nervous or anxious.

Tense: in or of a state of physical or nervous tension.

Related Words

Laugh : ہنسی , Express Joy : ہنسنا

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