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1 of 3) Today : آج : (noun) the day that includes the present moment (as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow).

It is extremely hot today.
Even today he lives in my heart.+ More

Related : Twenty-Four Hours : time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis.

2 of 3) Today : آج : (noun) the present time or age.

It`s hot today isn`t it?
Which time the match will start today?+ More

Related : Present : the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech.

3 of 3) Today, Now, Nowadays : آج کل : (adverb) in these times.

Today almost every home has television.

Useful Words

Actually : فی الوقت : at the present moment. "The transmission screen shows the picture that is actually on the air".

At Present, Now : اس وقت : at the present moment. "Goods now on sale".

Actual : موجودگی کی جگہ : being or existing at the present moment. "The ship`s actual position is 22 miles due south of Key West".

Hourly : گھنٹہ وار : occurring every hour or payable by the hour. "Hourly chimes".

Tomorrow : کل : the day after today. "I couldn`t come tomorrow".

Yesterday : گزرا ہوا کل : the day immediately before today. "How did your class go yesterday?".

Momentarily, Momently : ہر لمحے : at any moment. "She will be with you momently".

In The Nick Of Time, Just In Time : آخری وقت پر : at the last possible moment. "She was saved in the nick of time".

Just : بس ابھی : exactly at this moment or the moment described. "We've just finished painting the walls, so don't touch them".

Just, Just Now : ابھی ابھی : only a moment ago. "I just got home".

Pinpoint : لمحہ : a very brief moment. "They were strangers sharing a pinpoint of time together".

High Time : ٹھیک وقت : the latest possible moment. "It’s high time you got that car repaired".

Time : اچھا وقت : a suitable moment. "It is time to go".

Then : اس وقت : that time; that moment. "We will arrive before then".

Hourly : ہر گھنٹے : every hour; by the hour. "Daily, hourly, I grew stronger".

Terce, Tierce : گرجا کے اوقات عبادت کا تیسرا گھنٹہ : the third canonical hour; about 9 a.m..

Hourlong : ایک گھنٹے کا : lasting for an hour. "An hourlong examination".

15 Minutes, Quarter-Hour : پندرہ منٹ : a quarter of an hour.

30 Minutes, Half-Hour : تیس منٹ : a half of an hour.

Check : رکنا : stop for a moment, as if out of uncertainty or caution. "She checked for an instant and missed a step".

Matins, Morning Prayer : صبح کی عبادت : the first canonical hour; at daybreak. "Morning prayer is must".

Between, Betwixt : درمیان : in the interval. "They rest betwixt".

Lie-Abed, Slugabed : دیر تک بستر پر اینڈنے والا : a person who stays in bed until a relatively late hour.

Distance, Space : مدت : the interval between two times. "The distance from birth to death".

Absence : غیر موجودگی کے وقت : the time interval during which something or somebody is away. "He visited during my absence".

Aftereffect : تاخیر سے ظاہر ہونے والا اثر : any result that follows its cause after an interval.

Field Of Regard, Field Of Vision, Visual Field : وہ ایریا جس میں سے ساکن آنکھ سے اشیا کو دیکھا جا سکتا ہو : all of the points of the physical environment that can be perceived by a stable eye at a given moment.

Magneton : طبیعیات : a unit of magnetic moment of a molecular or atomic or subatomic particle.

Span : فاصلہ : the distance or interval between two points.

Circadian : یومیہ : of or relating to biological processes occurring at 24-hour intervals. "Circadian rhythms".

Min, Minute : منٹ : a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour. "Be patient for only couple of minutes".

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