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Tolerable meaning in Urdu

Tolerable Sentence

The climate is at least tolerable.

Tolerable Synonyms


Tolerable Definitions

1 of 2) Tolerable : قابل تحمل, قابل برداشت : (adjective) capable of being borne or endured.

2 of 2) Tolerable, Adequate, Fair To Middling, Passable : مناسب : (satellite adjective) about average; acceptable.

Useful Words

Bearable : قابل برداشت , Mediocre : کم درجے کا , Adequately : پوری طرح , Wrongful : ناجائز , Fd : منصفانہ سودا , Justice : انصاف , Acquainted : واقف , Gainful : مفید , Generous : وافر , Comfortable : تسلی بخش , Blond : گوری رنگت اور سنہری بال والا , Competent : مناسب , Acceptable : کافی , Unfair : بے انصاف , Evenhandedly : غیر جانبدارانہ طور پر , Equitable : یکساں , Burden : وزن , Quantity : مناسب مقدار , Burdensome : بھاری , Afloat : پانی میں تیرتا ہوا , All Right : ٹھیک , Malnourished : ناکافی خوراک پانے والا , Unacceptable : ناقابل قبول , Homograph : ہم آواز لفظ , Deficiency : قلت , Parti Pris : ظن , Abundance : کثرت , Economic Value : مالیت , Cushy : حلوہ , Conjectural : قیاسی , Justify : دلائل پیش کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Bearable: capable of being borne though unpleasant.

Mediocre: poor to middling in quality.

Adequately: in an adequate manner or to an adequate degree.

Wrongful: not just or fair.

Fd: Fair Deal.

Justice: the quality of being just or fair.

Acquainted: having fair knowledge of.

Gainful: yielding a fair profit.

Generous: more than adequate.

Comfortable: more than adequate.

Blond: a person with fair skin and hair.

Competent: adequate for the purpose.

Acceptable: adequate for the purpose.

Unfair: not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception.

Evenhandedly: without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner.

Equitable: fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience.

Burden: weight to be borne or conveyed.

Quantity: an adequate or large amount.

Burdensome: not easily borne; wearing.

Afloat: borne on the water; floating.

All Right: in a satisfactory or adequate manner.

Malnourished: not being provided with adequate nourishment.

Unacceptable: not adequate to give satisfaction.

Homograph: two words are homographs if they are spelled the same way but differ in meaning (e.g. fair).

Deficiency: lack of an adequate quantity or number.

Parti Pris: an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.

Abundance: the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply.

Economic Value: the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else.

Cushy: not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship.

Conjectural: based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence.

Justify: show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for.

Related Words

Allowable : جائز , Satisfactory : اطمینان بخش , Resistant : مزاحمت کرنے والا

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