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Tonight meaning in Urdu

آج رات

Tonight Sentence

Tonight Definitions

1) Tonight : آج رات : (noun) the present or immediately coming night.


Useful Words

Recency : حالیہ , Dark : رات , Midnight : نصف شب , Sleepover : گھر پر یا گھر سے دور تفریح کے لئے رات گزانے کا موقع , At First Glance : نظر پڑنے ہی , Hereupon : اس کے فوراً بعد , Right : فوراً , Yesterday : گزرا ہوا کل , Eve : ذرا پہلے , Crepuscle : مغرب کا وقت , Postnatal : بچے کی ولادت کے بعد , Interpretation : تشریح , Following : اگلا , Subconsciousness : تحت الشعور , Bugger Off : دفع ہوجانا , Air Space : فضا , Due : واجب الادا رقم , Wall Rock : دھاتی چٹانیں , Adscript : ملفوظ , Nocturnally : رات میں , Recovery Room : کمرہ بحالی صحت , Keep Up : رات کو جاگے رہنا , Nightly : رات کو رونما ہونے والا , Mark : آثار , Prepubertal : بلوغت سے پہلے , Half Volley : ٹینس میں گیند کو زمین سے اچھلتے ہی مارنا , Benight : تاریک ہونا , Night Raven : پرندہ جو رات بھر چلاتا ہے , Nocturnal : رات کا , Benighted : تاریک , Acoustic Buoy : سمندری آلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Recency: a time immediately before the present.

Dark: the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside. Dark and nighttime these are synonyms of night, related words of night is evening and period.

Midnight: 12 o'clock at night; the middle of the night.

Sleepover: an occasion of spending a night away from home or having a guest spend the night in your home (especially as a party for children).

At First Glance: immediately.

Hereupon: immediately after this.

Right: immediately.

Yesterday: the day immediately before today.

Eve: the period immediately before something.

Crepuscle: the time of day immediately following sunset.

Postnatal: occurring immediately after birth.

Interpretation: an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious.

Following: immediately following in time or order.

Subconsciousness: a state of mind not immediately available to consciousness.

Bugger Off: leave immediately; used usually in the imperative form.

Air Space: the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth.

Due: owed and payable immediately or on demand.

Wall Rock: a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault.

Adscript: written or printed immediately following another character and aligned with it.

Nocturnally: at night.

Recovery Room: a hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery.

Keep Up: prevent from going to bed at night.

Nightly: happening every night.

Mark: a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened).

Prepubertal: (especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty; often marked by accelerated growth.

Half Volley: a tennis return made by hitting the ball immediately after it bounces.

Benight: overtake with darkness or night.

Night Raven: any bird that cries at night.

Nocturnal: of or relating to or occurring in the night.

Benighted: overtaken by night or darkness.

Acoustic Buoy: a buoy that can be heard (at night).

Related Words

Nowadays : حال

خوش فہمی