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1) Touch-Type : بن دیکھے ٹائپ کرنا : (verb) type without looking at the keyboard.

Related : Typewrite : write by means of a keyboard with types.

Useful Words

Athletic Type, Mesomorphy : میان شکل : muscular and big-boned.

Blood Group, Blood Type : خون کا گروپ : human blood cells (usually just the red blood cells) that have the same antigens.

Body Type, Somatotype : جسم کی قسم : a category of physique.

Catatonia, Catatonic Schizophrenia, Catatonic Type Schizophrenia : سکتہ : a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods; the catatonia may give way to short periods of extreme excitement. "Catatonia treatment".

Common Touch : مشترک خصوصیت : the property of appealing to people in general (usually by appearing to have qualities in common with them). "Voters like a candidate who has the common touch".

Disorganized Schizophrenia, Disorganized Type Schizophrenia, Hebephrenia, Hebephrenic Schizophrenia : ذہنی مرض : a form of schizophrenia characterized by severe disintegration of personality including erratic speech and childish mannerisms and bizarre behavior; usually becomes evident during puberty; the most common diagnostic category in mental institutions.

Capstone, Copestone, Finishing Touch : عروج : a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination.

Connect, Get In Touch, Touch Base : رابطہ کرنا : establish communication with someone. "Did you finally connect with your long-lost cousin?".

Chump, Fall Guy, Fool, Gull, Mark, Mug, Patsy, Soft Touch, Sucker : احمق : a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.

Touch : چھونا : make physical contact with, come in contact with. "Touch me".

Activate, Actuate, Set Off, Spark, Spark Off, Touch Off, Trigger, Trigger Off, Trip : حرکت میں لانا : put in motion or move to act. "He told the doctor Whenever he travels in airplane so migraine pain is triggered".

Bushel, Doctor, Fix, Furbish Up, Mend, Repair, Restore, Touch On : ٹھیک کرنا : restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. "Mend your tone".

Touch Screen, Touchscreen : ٹچ اسکرین : a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen.

Retouch, Touch Up : دوبارہ تصویر کو ٹھیک کرنا : alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance. "This photograph has been retouched!".

Parlous, Perilous, Precarious, Touch-And-Go : خطر ناک : fraught with danger. "Dangerous waters".

Ecballium Elaterium, Exploding Cucumber, Squirting Cucumber, Touch-Me-Not : پھوٹ کھیرا : Mediterranean vine having oblong fruit that when ripe expels its seeds and juice violently when touched.

Touch-Typist : بن دیکھے ٹائپ کرنے والا : a skilled typist who can type a document without looking at the keyboard.

Type, Typewrite : ٹائپ کرنا : write by means of a keyboard with types. "Type the acceptance letter, please".

A, Group A, Type A : خون کا گروپ اے : the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen.

Ab, Group Ab, Type Ab : خون کا گروپ : the blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.

Atopic Allergy, Atopy, Immediate Allergy, Type I Allergic Reaction : چھوت والی بیماری : an allergic reaction that becomes apparent in a sensitized person only minutes after contact.

Autoimmune Diabetes, Growth-Onset Diabetes, Iddm, Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes, Juvenile-Onset Diabetes, Ketoacidosis-Prone Diabetes, Ketosis-Prone Diabetes, Type I Diabetes : انسولین پر موقوف ذیابیطس شکری : severe diabetes mellitus with an early onset; characterized by polyuria and excessive thirst and increased appetite and weight loss and episodic ketoacidosis; diet and insulin injections are required to control the disease.

Adult-Onset Diabetes, Adult-Onset Diabetes Mellitus, Ketoacidosis-Resistant Diabetes, Ketoacidosis-Resistant Diabetes Mellitus, Ketosis-Resistant Diabetes, Ketosis-Resistant Diabetes Mellitus, Mature-Onset Diabetes, Maturity-Onset Diabetes, Maturity-Onset Diabetes Mellitus, Niddm, Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes, Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, Type Ii Diabetes : شوگر کی ایک بیماری : mild form of diabetes mellitus that develops gradually in adults; can be precipitated by obesity or severe stress or menopause or other factors; can usually be controlled by diet and hypoglycemic agents without injections of insulin.

Slug, Type Slug : دھات کا ٹکڑا : a strip of type metal used for spacing.

Holotype, Type Specimen : جانور یا پودے کا نمونہ : the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made.

Set, Typeset : حروف چینی کرنا : set in type. "My book will be typeset nicely".

Edition, Variant, Variation, Version : ذرا سی تبدیل شدہ نقل : something a little different from others of the same type. "An experimental version of the night fighter".

Masonite : ایک قسم کا فائبر کا تختہ : a type of fiberboard.

Typical : عام : conforming to a type. "The typical (or normal) American".

Breed : قسم : a special type. "Google represents a new breed of entrepreneurs".

Model : قسم : a type of product. "His car was an old model".

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