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Transport Ship meaning in Urdu

Transport Ship Definitions

1) Transport Ship : فوجی سازو سامان لے جانے والا جہاز : (noun) a ship for carrying soldiers or military equipment.


Useful Words

Reship : دوبارہ مال کو ایک جہاز سے دوسرے جہاز میں منتقل کرنا , Autobus : بس , Hospital Train : زخمی فوجیوں کی ٹرین , Apc : بکتربند , Wreck : تباہ شدہ جہاز , Afoul : لگا ہوا , Bottom : مال بردار جہاز , Amidship : بحری جہاز کے درمیان سے , Passage : بحری سفر , Fuel : ایندھن حاصل کرنا , Ship : بحری جہاز پر سفر کرنا , Shipwreck : جہاز تباہ کرنا , Foundering : کشتی کا ڈوبنا , Shipmate : ایک ہی جہاز میں کام کرنے والا , Shipside : جہاز کا پہلو , Shipwreck : جہاز کی سمندر میں تباہی , After Part : جہاز کا عقبی حصہ , Circumnavigate : دنیا کے گرد جہاز میں چکر لگانا , Crewman : ملاح , Refuel : دوبارہ ایندھن لینا , Reshipment : جہاز کے ذریعے سامان کی دوبارہ ترسیل , Hull : جہاز کا ڈھانچا , Dress Ship : جھنڈے والی قمیض , Hulk : پرانے جہاز کا ڈھانچا , Pirate : بحری قذاقوں کی کشتی , Porthole : ہوائی جہاز یا بحری جہاز کی کھڑکی یا روشندان , 'tween Decks : جہاز کی منزلیں , Flotsam : جہاز کا سمندر وغیرہ میں تیرتا ہوا مال , Combat Ship : بحری جہاز جو جنگی ضروریات کے لیے تیار کیا گیا ہو , Troopship : فوجی نقل و حمل کا جہاز , Shipwreck : تباہ شدہ جہاز

Useful Words Definitions

Reship: place on a ship again or transfer to another ship.

Autobus: a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport.

Hospital Train: a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital.

Apc: (military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry.

Wreck: a ship that has been destroyed at sea.

Afoul: especially of a ship`s lines etc.

Bottom: a cargo ship.

Amidship: at or near or toward the center of a ship.

Passage: a journey usually by ship.

Fuel: take in fuel, as of a ship.

Ship: travel by ship.

Shipwreck: destroy a ship.

Foundering: (of a ship) sinking.

Shipmate: an associate on the same ship with you.

Shipside: the part of a wharf that is next to a ship.

Shipwreck: an accident that destroys a ship at sea.

After Part: the rear part of a ship.

Circumnavigate: travel around, either by plane or ship.

Crewman: any member of a ship's crew.

Refuel: take on more fuel, as of a plane, ship, or car.

Reshipment: the act of shipping again (especially by transferring to another ship).

Hull: the frame or body of ship.

Dress Ship: decorate a ship with flags.

Hulk: a ship that has been wrecked and abandoned.

Pirate: a ship that is manned by pirates.

Porthole: a window in a ship or airplane.

'tween Decks: in the space between decks, on a ship.

Flotsam: the floating wreckage of a ship.

Combat Ship: a government ship that is available for waging war.

Troopship: ship for transporting troops.

Shipwreck: a wrecked ship (or a part of one).

Related Words

Ship : بحری جہاز , Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج

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