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Transverse 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Transverse Sentence

From the transverse hall the stairway ascends gracefully.

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Transverse in Detail

1) Transverse : آڑا Aarha : extending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis.

Transverse colon.

Urdu Synonym(s) : ترچھا Tircha

English Synonym(s) : Cross Thwartwise Transversal

Useful Words

Across : ایک کنارے سے دوسرے کنارے تک Ek Kinaray Se Dosray Kinaray Tak : to the opposite side. "The football field was 300 feet across"

Angle : راہ لینا Raah Lena : move or proceed at an angle. "When Maniya Surve encountered took place, bullets were being fired from every angle"

Crosswise : دائیں سے بائیں Dain Se Bain : in the shape of (a horizontal piece on) a cross.

Direction Way : رخ Rukh : a line leading to a place or point. "Which way I should go?"

Hanker Long Yearn : تڑپنا Tarapna : desire strongly or persistently. "He was longing to see you"

Fabrication Lying Prevarication : جھوٹ بولنا Jhoot Bolna : the deliberate act of deviating from the truth.

Correct Right : ٹھیک Theek : free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth. "He does right"

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