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Trial Balance meaning in Urdu

Trial Balance Definitions

1) Trial Balance : جانچ میزان : (noun) a balance of debits and credits in double-entry bookkeeping; drawn up to test their equality.


Useful Words

Proportion : توازن , Remand : تفتیش کے لئے واپس بلانا , Unbalance : توازن سے گر جانا , Upset : نقصان پہنچانا , Imbalance : توازن کا فقدان , Account : حساب کا پرچہ , Pilot Program : آزمائشی منصوبہ , Adjudicate : سماعت , Hidden Reserve : خفیہ ذخیرہ , Ototoxic : کان پر کسی زہریلے ایکشن کا ہونا , Fin : مچھلی کا بازو یا پر , Derange : بے ترتیب کر نا , Deposit : کل قیمت کا کچھ حصہ جو سودا طے ہونے پر ادا کیا جائے , Kidney Failure : گردے کی خرابی , Book Value : اساسے کی قدر , Retrial : کسی عدالت میں ازسر نو مقدمہ , Comfort Zone : انسانی جسم لئے موزوں درجہ حرارت کی جگہ , Salt Depletion : نمک کی جسم میں کمی , Financial Statement : گوشوارہ حساب و کتاب , Double Entry : دہرا اندراج , Compensating Balance : کم از کم رقم , Accounting : حسابی نظام , Hepatic Coma : جگر کی بیماری سے ہونے والا کوما , Hemiplegia : جسم کی ایک جانب فالج ہونا , Mistrial : مقدمے کی ناقص سماعت , Last Out : برداشت کر جانا , Venue : وہ مقام جہاں قانونی کارروائی کا سبب جنم لیتا ہے , Prosecute : کسی کے خلاف قانونی کاروائی کرنا , Seasoned : تجربہ کار , Dock : عدالت میں ملزم کے بیٹھنے کی جگہ , Holding Cell : حوالات

Useful Words Definitions

Proportion: balance among the parts of something.

Remand: the act of sending an accused person back into custody to await trial (or the continuation of the trial).

Unbalance: throw out of balance or equilibrium.

Upset: disturb the balance or stability of.

Imbalance: a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium.

Account: a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance.

Pilot Program: activity planned as a test or trial.

Adjudicate: put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of.

Hidden Reserve: reserves that do not show up on the balance sheet (as by understating values).

Ototoxic: toxic to the organs of hearing or balance or to the auditory nerve.

Fin: organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Derange: derange mentally, throw out of mental balance; make insane.

Deposit: a partial payment made at the time of purchase; the balance to be paid later.

Kidney Failure: inability of the kidneys to excrete wastes and to help maintain the electrolyte balance.

Book Value: the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet; equals cost minus accumulated depreciation.

Retrial: a new trial in which issues already litigated and to which the court has already rendered a verdict or decision are reexamined by the same court; occurs when the initial trial is found to have been improper or unfair due to procedural errors.

Comfort Zone: the temperature range (between 28 and 30 degrees Centigrade) at which the naked human body is able to maintain a heat balance without shivering or sweating.

Salt Depletion: loss of salt from the body without replacement (loss by vomiting or profuse perspiration or urination or diarrhea) thus upsetting the electrolyte balance.

Financial Statement: a document showing credits and debits.

Double Entry: bookkeeper debits the transaction to one account and credits it to another.

Compensating Balance: a minimum credit balance that a bank may require a borrower to keep on deposit as a condition for granting a loan; a common requirement for establishing a line of credit at a bank.

Accounting: a bookkeeper`s chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts.

Hepatic Coma: coma that can occur in severe cases of liver disease.

Hepatic coma symptoms : Anxiety or restlessness, cognitive impairment (confusion or poor thinking), balance problems may be seen, poor attention sometimes, asterixis, mood swings, muscle twitches, lack of alertness..

Hemiplegia: paralysis of one side of the body

Hemiplegia symptoms : Difficulty in speaking, impaired motor skills, difficulty in holding, muscles stiffness on one side of the body, difficulty in balance while walking, permanently contracted muscles.

Mistrial: a trial that is invalid or inconclusive.

Last Out: hang on during a trial of endurance.

Venue: in law: the jurisdiction where a trial will be held.

Prosecute: bring a criminal action against (in a trial).

Seasoned: rendered competent through trial and experience.

Dock: an enclosure in a court of law where the defendant sits during the trial.

Holding Cell: a jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial.

Related Words

Balance : میزان

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