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Trichuriasis meaning in Urdu

Trichuriasis Definitions

1) Trichuriasis : سوطی مرض وہپ ورم سے ابتلائ : (noun) infestation by a roundworm; common in tropical areas with poor sanitation.


Useful Words

Bilharzia : سکسٹوما کی انسانی جسم میں پہنچنا جو گندے پانی میں نہانے یا پینے سے پہنچتا ہے , Adenanthera : پھلی کا درخت , Plantation : نخلستان , Hepatic Coma : جگر کی بیماری سے ہونے والا کوما , Aisle : نشستوں کی قطاروں کے مابین راستہ , Acariasis : جووں سے پیدا ہونے والی ایک جلدی بیماری , Head Lice : جونئے پڑ جانا , Arabian Coffee : عربی قہوہ , Hookworm : پیٹ کے کیڑے کی بیماری , Enterobiasis : سوتی چرنوں کا انفیکشن , Hydatid : کسایہ کدو دانہ , Destitute : حاجت مند , Pauper : مسکین , Impoverish : غریب کرنا , Impoverishment : کسی کو فقیر بنانے کا عمل , Cacography : خراب لکھائی , Beneficent : سخی , Bum : گھٹیا , Indifferent : معمولی , Deplorable : خستہ حال , Mediocre : کم درجے کا , Poor Law : غریبوں کا قانون , Surcharge : اضافی ٹیکس , Alms-Giving : زکوة , Alms : زکات , Homeless : بے گھر لوگ , Urchin : عوامی بچہ , Thickly : بیٹھی ہوئی آواز میں , Stupidity : احمقانہ حرکت , Charitableness : سخاوت , Cracker : سفید نسل کا غریب امریکی شخص

Useful Words Definitions

Bilharzia: an infestation with or a resulting infection caused by a parasite of the genus Schistosoma; common in the tropics and Far East; symptoms depend on the part of the body infected.

Adenanthera: small genus of trees of tropical Asia and Pacific areas.

Plantation: an estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale (especially in tropical areas).

Hepatic Coma: coma that can occur in severe cases of liver disease.

Hepatic coma symptoms : Anxiety or restlessness, cognitive impairment (confusion or poor thinking), balance problems may be seen, poor attention sometimes, asterixis, mood swings, muscle twitches, lack of alertness..

Aisle: passageway between seating areas as in an auditorium or passenger vehicle or between areas of shelves of goods as in stores.

Acariasis: infestation with itch mites.

Head Lice: infestation of the scalp with lice.

Arabian Coffee: shrubby tree of northeastern tropical Africa widely cultivated in tropical or near tropical regions for its seed which form most of the commercial coffee.

Hookworm: infestation of the intestines by hookworms which enter the body (usually) through the skin.

Enterobiasis: an infestation with or a resulting infection caused by the pinworm Enterobius vermicularis; occurs especially in children.

Hydatid: cyst filled with liquid; forms as a result of infestation by tapeworm larvae (as in echinococcosis).

Destitute: poor enough to need help from others.

Pauper: a person who is very poor.

Impoverish: make poor.

Impoverishment: the act of making someone poor.

Cacography: poor handwriting.

Beneficent: generous in assistance to the poor.

Bum: of very poor quality; flimsy.

Indifferent: fairly poor to not very good.

Deplorable: of very poor quality or condition.

Mediocre: poor to middling in quality.

Poor Law: a law providing support for the poor.

Surcharge: an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Alms-Giving: making voluntary contributions to aid the poor.

Alms: money or goods contributed to the poor.

Homeless: poor people who unfortunately do not have a home to live in.

Urchin: poor and often mischievous city child.

Thickly: spoken with poor articulation as if with a thick tongue.

Stupidity: a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience.

Charitableness: generosity as manifested by practicing charity (as for the poor or unfortunate).

Cracker: a poor White person in the southern United States.

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