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Truss meaning in Urdu

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Truss Definitions

1 of 3) Truss : پٹی سے لپیٹنا : (noun) (medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure.

2 of 3) Truss : پیل پایہ, کھم : (noun) a framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure.

3 of 3) Truss, Bind, Tie Down, Tie Up : رسی سے باندھنا, باندھنا : (verb) secure with or as if with ropes.

Useful Words

Queen Post : بیل پایہ , Garter Belt : ایک قسم کی زنانہ پٹی , Ligate : پٹی باندھنا , Adhesive Bandage : چپکنے والی پٹی , Compression Bandage : لہو روک پٹی , Garter : موزہ بند , Lounging Jacket : مردانہ جیکٹ , Bandoleer : کارتوس کی بیلٹ , Belt Bag : کمر بیگ , Baldric : میان , Scarf Bandage : گردن کے ذریعے ہاتھ کو سہارا دینے کی پٹی , Flotation Device : حفاظتی جیکٹ , Scarfpin : آرایشی سرے والی پن , Hairpin : بال پن , Complementary Medicine : متبادل دوا , Cottar : پانہ , Topknot : چوٹی کی گرہ , Tube : نالی , Hip Pad : کولہے کا پیڈ , Band : چھلا , Necklace : ہار , Haick : عمامہ , Necktie : ٹائی , Stomacher : سینے اور معدہ کو ڈھکنے والا جڑاٴو پیش پوش , Sock : ٹخنوں تک جراب , Diaper : لنگوٹ , Way : رستہ , Perch : پرندوں کے بیٹھنے کی چھتری , Stair : سیڑھی , Check : قابو میں رکھنا , Cinch : گہوڑے کا زیربند

Useful Words Definitions

Queen Post: vertical tie post in a roof truss.

Garter Belt: a wide belt of elastic with straps hanging from it; worn by women to hold up stockings.

Ligate: bind with a bandage or ligature.

Adhesive Bandage: bandage consisting of a medical dressing of plain absorbent gauze held in place by a plastic or fabric tape coated with adhesive.

Compression Bandage: bandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure.

Garter: a band (usually elastic) worn around the leg to hold up a stocking (or around the arm to hold up a sleeve).

Lounging Jacket: a man's soft jacket usually with a tie belt; worn at home.

Bandoleer: a broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers.

Belt Bag: a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist.

Baldric: a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip.

Scarf Bandage: bandage to support an injured forearm; consisting of a wide triangular piece of cloth hanging from around the neck.

Flotation Device: rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning.

Scarfpin: a pin used to hold the tie in place.

Hairpin: a double pronged pin used to hold women's hair in place.

Complementary Medicine: the practice of medicine that combines traditional medicine with alternative medicine.

Cottar: fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.

Topknot: headdress consisting of a decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair.

Tube: conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases.

Hip Pad: protective garment consisting of a pad worn by football and hockey players.

Band: jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger.

Necklace: jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women).

Haick: an outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth; worn by men and women in northern Africa.

Necktie: neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.

Stomacher: garment consisting of a V-shaped panel of stiff material worn over the chest and stomach in the 16th century.

Sock: hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee.

Diaper: garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist; worn by infants to catch excrement.

Way: any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another.

Perch: support consisting of a branch or rod that serves as a resting place (especially for a bird).

Stair: support consisting of a place to rest the foot while ascending or descending a stairway.

Check: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.

Cinch: stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place.

Related Words

Bandage : پٹی , Framework : سہارا دینے والا ڈھانچہ , Hog-Tie : ہاتھ پاوں باندھنا , Confine : روکے رکھنا , Fasten : جمانا

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