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ٹکڑوں میں بٹنا : Tukroun Mein Batna Meaning in English

Tukroun Mein Batna in Sentences

The country is disunifying.
Yugoslavia broke apart after 1989.

Tukroun Mein Batna in Detail

1) ٹکڑوں میں بٹنا : Break Apart Disunify : (verb) break up or separate.


Useful Words

چھاننا : Sieve , ٹوٹنا : Break Up , پھاڑنا : Bust , تاش جوئے کا ایک کھیل : Boodle , ٹوٹنا : Break Through , زائل ہونا : Decompose , روکنا : Break Up , ٹوٹنا : Break Away , لگاتار : Consecutive , کسی کی گفتگو میں داخل ہونا : Barge In , الگ الگ ہونا : Sunder , مہر کہولنا : Unseal , ہڈی ٹوٹنا : Fracture , بالائی ملانا : Homogenise , چورا کرنا : Crumb , ۱۰ منٹ کا وقفہ لینا : Take Ten , چکنا چور ہوجانا : Shatter , توڑنا : Dash , الگ ہونا : Adjourn , گرنا : Break , ٹوٹ جانا : Knock Out , دانتوں سے توڑنا : Break Off , توڑنا : Bust Up , چورا چورا کردینا : Crumble , ٹکڑے کرنا : Crush , وقفہ : Lapse , انحراف کرنا : Rebel , ختم کرنا : Break Up , چٹخانا : Crack , پاش پاش کرنا : Dash , پھٹنا : Crack

Useful Words Definitions

Sieve: separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements.

Break Up: break or cause to break into pieces.

Bust: separate or cause to separate abruptly.

Boodle: a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card.

Break Through: break out.

Decompose: break down.

Break Up: make a break in.

Break Away: break off (a piece from a whole).

Consecutive: successive (without a break).

Barge In: break into a conversation.

Sunder: break apart or in two, using violence.

Unseal: break the seal of.

Fracture: break (a bone).

Homogenise: break up the fat globules of.

Crumb: break into crumbs.

Take Ten: take a ten minute break.

Shatter: break into many pieces.

Dash: destroy or break.

Adjourn: break from a meeting or gathering.

Break: break down, literally or metaphorically.

Knock Out: destroy or break forcefully.

Break Off: break a small piece off from.

Bust Up: smash or break forcefully.

Crumble: break or fall apart into fragments.

Crush: break into small pieces.

Lapse: a break or intermission in the occurrence of something.

Rebel: break with established customs.

Break Up: bring the association of to an end or cause to break up.

Crack: break partially but keep its integrity.

Dash: break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over.

Crack: break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension.

Related Words

بچھڑ جانا : Break

Close Words

ٹکڑوں میں بانٹنا : Balkanise , ٹکڑوں میں کاٹنا : Slice , ٹکڑوں سے بنا : Aggregate

Close Words Definitions

Balkanise: divide a territory into small, hostile states.

Slice: cut into slices.

Aggregate: a sum total of many heterogenous things taken together.

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