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Turtle   Meaning in Urdu

1. Turtle - Polo-Neck - Turtleneck : اونچے کالر والی جرسی : (noun) a sweater or jersey with a high close-fitting collar.

Jersey, T-Shirt, Tee Shirt - a close-fitting pullover shirt.

2. Turtle - Capsize - Turn Turtle : الٹ جانا - پانی میں الٹ جانا : (verb) overturn accidentally.

3. Turtle : کچھوا : (noun) any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming.

Mud Turtle - bottom-dwelling freshwater turtle inhabiting muddy rivers of North America and Central America.

Turtle in Book Titles

Turtle conservation.
A Boy and a Turtle: A Children`s Relaxation Story.
Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories.

Useful Words

Accidentally - By Chance - Circumstantially - Unexpectedly : اتفاق سے : without advance planning. "We met by chance and turned into friends"

Close - Near - Nigh : قریب : near in time or place or relationship. "Near here"

Apprehend - Arrest - Collar - Cop - Nab - Nail - Pick Up : حراست میں لینا : take into custody. "The police nabbed the suspected criminals"

Accommodation - Adjustment - Fitting : مطابقت : making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances.

High : زیادہ : a lofty level or position or degree. "You are bidding high"

Jersey - T-Shirt - Tee Shirt : جرسی : a close-fitting pullover shirt.

Overturn - Upset : حیرت انگیز جیت : an improbable and unexpected victory. "The biggest upset since David beat Goliath"

Jumper - Sweater : جسم کے اپر کے حصے کا لباس : a crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body.

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