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Tympanic Bone meaning in Urdu

Tympanic Bone Definitions

1) Tympanic Bone : طبلی ہڈی : (noun) the bone enclosing the middle ear.


Useful Words

Osteomyelitis : ھڈی کی سوزش , Osteochondroma : ہڈی کی رسولی , Albers-Schonberg Disease : مرمری ہڈیاں , Condyle : مہرہ , Myeloma : مغزی سلعہ , Bonelet : چھوٹی ہڈی والی , Acoustic Meatus : کان کی نالی , Boneless : ہڈیوں کے بغیر , Bonelike : ہڈی جیسا , Fracture : ہڈی ٹوٹنا , Auriscope : گوش بیں آلہ , Osteocyte : استخوانی خلیہ , Epiphyseal : برنامیہ سے متعلق , Bone-Forming Cell : ہڈی بنانے والا خلیہ , Hyoid : زبان کے نیچے والی یو کی شکل کی ہڈی , Osteotomy : ہڈی کو کاٹنا , Myeloid : نخاع نما , Boneless Meat : ہڈیوں کے بغیر گوشت , Periodontal Disease : مسوڑے کی بیماری , Humerus : عضد , Metatarsal : پیر کی ہڈی , Diaphysis : لمبی ہڈی کی شافٹ , Medullary : گودے والا , Break : ہڈی کا ٹوٹنا , Metacarpal : مشطی ہڈی , Clavicle : کالر ہڈی , Ossification : ہڈی سازی , Osteosclerosis : ہڈی سے فاسفورس اور کیلشیم کے زائد انجزاب کی وجہ سے استخوانی کثافت کا ضیاع , Boneless Chicken : ہڈیوں کے بغیر مرغی کا گوشت , Antrum : ہڈی یا دانتوں میں کوئی خالی جگہ , Eminence : گلٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Osteomyelitis: an inflammation of bone and bone marrow (usually caused by bacterial infection).

Osteochondroma: benign tumor containing both bone and cartilage; usually occurs near the end of a long bone.

Albers-Schonberg Disease: an inherited disorder characterized by an increase in bone density; in severe forms the bone marrow cavity may be obliterated.

Condyle: a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone.

Myeloma: a tumor of the bone marrow (usually malignant) composed of cells normally found in bone marrow.

Bonelet: a small bone; especially one in the middle ear.

Acoustic Meatus: either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane.

Boneless: being without a bone or bones.

Bonelike: resembling bone.

Fracture: break (a bone).

Auriscope: medical instrument consisting of a magnifying lens and light; used for examining the external ear (the auditory meatus and especially the tympanic membrane).

Osteocyte: mature bone cell.

Epiphyseal: relating to the epiphysis of a bone.

Bone-Forming Cell: a cell from which bone develops.

Hyoid: of or relating to the hyoid bone.

Osteotomy: surgical sectioning of bone.

Myeloid: of or relating to bone marrow.

Boneless Meat: meat of cow and goat etc without bone.

Periodontal Disease: a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth.

Humerus: bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow.

Metatarsal: any bone of the foot between the ankle and the toes.

Diaphysis: the main (mid) section of a long bone.

Medullary: containing or consisting of or resembling bone marrow.

Break: breaking of hard tissue such as bone.

Metacarpal: any bone of the hand between the wrist and fingers.

Clavicle: bone linking the scapula and sternum.

Ossification: the developmental process of bone formation.

Osteosclerosis: abnormal hardening or eburnation of bone.

Boneless Chicken: chicken meat without bone used for cooking.

Antrum: a natural cavity or hollow in a bone.

Eminence: a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament.

Related Words

Bone : ہڈی , Os Temporale : صدغ

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