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Unavailable meaning in Urdu

Unavailable Sentence

Fresh milk was unavailable during the emergency.

Unavailable Definitions

1) Unavailable : غیر دستیاب : (adjective) not available or accessible or at hand.

His secretary said he was unavailable for comment.


Useful Words

Deficiency : کمی , Airlift : ہوائی جہاز کے ذریعے لے جانا , Complement Fixation : مدافعتی رد عمل , Concealed : چھپا ہوا , Unobservable : ناقابل مشاہدہ , Available : دستیاب , Underbid : کم بولی دینا , Grapple : کشتی , Back Room : پیچھے کا دروازہ , Bluff : فریب دینا , In Public : عوامی انداز میں , On-Line : اون لائن , Ram : کمپیوٹر کی عارضی یاد داشت , Cuff : ہاتھ سے مارنا , Manually : ہاتھ سے , Carry : پاس ہونا , Pick Up : پکڑ لینا , Nearby : پاس ہی , Hand : ہاتھ کی لکھائی , However : تاہم , Handedness : ایک ہاتھ کو دوسرے ہاتھ کی نسبت زیادہ استعمال کرنے کا رجحان , Holographic : ہاتھ سے لکھا , Recto : دائیں ہاتھ کا صفحہ , Present : دے دینا , Handwrite : ہاتھ کی لکھائی , Dextrality : دائیں ہاتھ سے زیادہ کام کرنے کی عادت , Unhand : ہاتھ اٹھا لینا , Long Suit : تاش کا کھیل , Ambidextrous : دو ہتھیا , Left-Handedness : کھبا پن , Fistful : مٹھی بھر

Useful Words Definitions

Deficiency: the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable.

Airlift: transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable).

Complement Fixation: an immune response in which an antigen-antibody combination inactivates a complement (so it is unavailable to participate in a second antigen-antibody combination).

Concealed: not accessible to view.

Unobservable: not accessible to direct observation.

Available: obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service.

Underbid: bid (a hand of cards) at less than the strength of the hand warrants.

Grapple: the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat.

Back Room: a room located in the rear of an establishment; usually accessible only to privileged groups.

Bluff: deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand.

In Public: something is done, expressed, or conducted in a manner that is observable or accessible to the public. It indicates that an action or statement is done openly or in a public setting, without secrecy or privacy..

On-Line: connected to a computer network or accessible by computer.

Ram: the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on; an integrated circuit memory chip allows information to be stored or accessed in any order and all storage locations are equally accessible.

Cuff: hit with the hand.

Manually: by hand.

Carry: have on hand.

Pick Up: take up by hand.

Nearby: close at hand.

Hand: something written by hand.

However: by contrast; on the other hand.

Handedness: the property of using one hand more than the other.

Holographic: written entirely in one`s own hand.

Recto: right-hand page.

Present: hand over formally.

Handwrite: write by hand.

Dextrality: preference for using the right hand.

Unhand: remove the hand from.

Long Suit: in a hand, the suit having the most cards.

Ambidextrous: equally skillful with each hand.

Left-Handedness: preference for using the left hand.

Fistful: the quantity that can be held in the hand.

Related Words

Accessibility : دستیابی , Inaccessible : ناقابل حصول , Out Of Stock : نایاب شے

Unavailable in Book Titles

The Unavailable Carl Barks (in Color) Direct Sales Edition.
Search for Peace: Peace without trouble is unavailable.

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