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1 of 4) Understand : سمجھنا : (verb) know and comprehend the nature or meaning of.

How do I make you understand ?
Try to understand my compulsion.+ More

Related : Savvy : get the meaning of something. Sense : comprehend. Get : grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of.

2 of 4) Understand, Realise, Realize, See : سمجھنا : (verb) perceive (an idea or situation) mentally.

I don`t understand the idea.

Related : Take Account : be fully aware of; realize fully. Visualize : imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind.

3 of 4) Understand, Interpret, Read, Translate : سمجھنا : (verb) make sense of a language.

She understands French.

4 of 4) Understand, Empathise, Empathize, Sympathise, Sympathize : ہم درد ہونا, ہم احساس ہونا : (verb) be understanding of.

You don`t need to explain--I understand!

Understand in Book Titles

511 Things Only Women Understand.
Children`s Understanding of Emotion.
Reading Ellen White: How to Understand and Apply Her Writings.

Useful Words

Apprehend, Compass, Comprehend, Dig, Get The Picture, Grasp, Grok, Savvy : سمجھ لینا : get the meaning of something. "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?".

Idea, Thought : ارادہ : the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about. "Your thoughts would put you in a big trouble one day".

Know : سچائی جاننا : be aware of the truth of something; have a belief or faith in something; regard as true beyond any doubt. "I know that I left the key on the table".

Import, Meaning, Significance, Signification : مطلب : the message that is intended or expressed or signified. "What is the meaning of this sentence".

Mentally : دماغی طور پر : in your mind. "He suffered mentally".

Nature : عادت : the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person`s characteristic actions and reactions. "He is bound to his nature".

Situation, State Of Affairs : حالات : the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time. "The situation is better now that terrorism has been eradicated in Karachi".

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