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Undertide meaning in Urdu

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1) Undertide, Undercurrent : زیریں دھارا : (noun) a current below the surface of a fluid.


Useful Words

Eddy : بھنور , Fan : پنکھا , Countercurrent : لہروں کا آپس میں ٹکراو , Commutate : برقی کرنٹ کا سمت بدلنا , Inverter : الٹنے والا , Coat : کسی چیز پر تہ لگانا , Festering : پیپ , Escape : اخراج , Flux : مائع بنانا , Duct : نالی , Vas : نالی , Fuse : زیادہ حرارت سے پگھلنا , Current : بہاوٴ , Colostrum : پیلا سیال جو زچگی کے ایک دو دن پستانوں میں آتا ہے , Perspiration : پسینہ , Endolymph : کان کا میل , Pressure Gage : گیس یا پانی کا دباو ناپنے والا پیمانہ , Inlet : وہ مقام جہاں سے کوئی چیز داخل ہو سکے , Fluid : بہنے والا مادہ , Milt : نر مچھلی کا مادہ تولید , Suffuse : پھیلانا , Abdominocentesis : پیٹ کی جانچ , Advect : افقی حرکت کرنا , Blast : آندھی , Winnow : پہونک مارکر اڑانا , Juice : بجلی , Outcrop : ابھر ا ہوا حصہ , Aerodynamic : ہوائی مدافعت والا , Bleb : چھالا , Swoosh : بہنے کی آواز , Pore : چھید

Useful Words Definitions

Eddy: a miniature whirlpool or whirlwind resulting when the current of a fluid doubles back on itself.

Fan: a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces.

Countercurrent: a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current.

Commutate: reverse the direction of (an alternating electric current) each half cycle so as to produce a unidirectional current.

Inverter: an electrical converter that converts direct current into alternating current.

Coat: put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface.

Festering: a fluid product of inflammation.

Escape: the discharge of a fluid from some container.

Flux: become liquid or fluid when heated.

Duct: an enclosed conduit for a fluid.

Vas: a tube in which a body fluid circulates.

Fuse: become plastic or fluid or liquefied from heat.

Current: a steady flow of a fluid (usually from natural causes).

Colostrum: milky fluid secreted for the first day or two after parturition.

Perspiration: salty fluid secreted by sweat glands.

Endolymph: the bodily fluid that fills the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear.

Pressure Gage: gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure.

Inlet: an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container.

Fluid: a substance that is fluid at room temperature and pressure.

Milt: seminal fluid produced by male fish.

Suffuse: to become overspread as with a fluid, a colour, a gleam of light.

Abdominocentesis: centesis of the belly to remove fluid for diagnosis.

Advect: convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid.

Blast: a strong current of air.

Winnow: blow away or off with a current of air.

Juice: electric current.

Outcrop: appear on the surface, come to the surface on the ground.

Aerodynamic: designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow.

Bleb: (pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid.

Swoosh: the noise produced by the sudden rush of a fluid (a gas or liquid).

Pore: any tiny hole admitting passage of a liquid (fluid or gas).

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