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Underwater   Meaning in Urdu

1. Underwater - Submerged - Submersed : زیر آب - پانی سے نیچے : beneath the surface of the water.

2. Underwater - Subaquatic - Subaqueous - Submerged - Submersed : زیری آب - پانی کے نیچے بنا : growing or remaining under water.

Biological Science, Biology - the science that studies living organisms.

Useful Words

At A Lower Place - Below - Beneath - To A Lower Place : نیچے : in or to a place that is lower.

Development - Growing - Growth - Maturation - Ontogenesis - Ontogeny : نشونما پانا : (biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level. "He proposed an indicator of osseous development in children"

Left - Left Over - Leftover - Odd - Remaining - Unexpended : بچا کچہ : not used up. "Leftover food"

Surface : سطح : the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary. "There is a special cleaner for these surfaces"

Nether - Under : نیچے کی شے : located below or beneath something else. "We are one under the shadow of this flag"

Water : پانی : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?"

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