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1) Undisclosed, Unrevealed : چھپا ہوا : (satellite adjective) not made known.

Related : Covert : secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed.

Useful Words

Abduct, Kidnap, Nobble, Snatch : اغوا کرنا : take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom. "He attempts to abduct me".

Covertly : خفیہ طور پر : in a covert manner. "He was hired in water board but never been there and kept receiving payoffs covertly".

Covertness, Hiddenness : اخفاء : the state of being covert and hidden. "Covertness of this plan is must".

Air Gas, Producer Gas : حاصل گیس : a gas made of carbon monoxide and hydrogen and nitrogen; made by passing air over hot coke.

Mackinaw, Mackinaw Coat : کوٹ کیطرح : a short plaid coat made of made of thick woolen material.

Mohair : انگورا کی بکری کا اون : fabric made with yarn made from the silky hair of the Angora goat.

Bore, Bore-Hole, Drill Hole : سوراخ : a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes.

Improvised, Jury-Rigged, Makeshift : جگاڑی : done or made using whatever is available. "Crossed the river on improvised bridges".

Artefact, Artifact : مصنوعہ : a man-made object taken as a whole. "An artifact work".

Unexpressed, Unsaid, Unspoken, Unstated, Unuttered, Unverbalised, Unverbalized, Unvoiced : ان کہی : not made explicit. "Spoken, unspoken".

Geneva, Holland Gin, Hollands : ہالینڈ کی شراب : gin made in the Netherlands. "The Improved Holland Gin".

Waxen, Waxy : موم سے بنا ہوا : made of or covered with wax. "Waxen candles".

Homogenised, Homogenized : ملا ہوا : made homogeneous. "Homogenised chocolate".

Perforation : سوراخ کرنا : a hole made in something. "A perforation of the eardrum".

Bark : بہونک : the sound made by a dog.

Horsehair Wig : گھوڑے کے بالوں کی وگ : a wig made of horsehair. "The English judiciary wear their traditional horsehair wigs".

Frightened, Scared : خوف زدہ : made afraid. "The boys with pistols were following us yesterday and you are still frightened? They must be the muggers but not killers".

Utilization : استعمال : the state of having been made use of. "The rate of utilization".

Baa : بھیڑ کی آواز : the cry made by sheep.

Unsweetened : جسے میٹھا نہ بنایا گیا ہو : not made sweet.

Ready-Made : بنا بنایا : made for purchase and immediate use.

Changed : بدلا : made or become different in some respect. "He's an altered (or changed) man since his election to Congress".

Secret, Unavowed : مخفی : not openly made known. "A secret marriage".

Include : شامل ہونا : have as a part, be made up out of. "The list includes the names of many famous writers".

Lacelike, Lacy : ڈوری نما : made of or resembling lace. "A lacy gown".

Cartwheel, Silver Dollar : ڈالر کا سکہ : a dollar made of silver.

Ceramic : ظروفی : of or relating to or made from a ceramic. "A ceramic dish".

Steel Factory, Steel Mill, Steel Plant, Steelworks : فولادی مصنوعات کا کارخانہ : a factory where steel is made.

Afghan, Sheepskin Coat : کھال سے بنی جیکٹ : a coat made of sheepskin.

Cut, Gash, Slash, Slice : زخم : a wound made by cutting. "He put a bandage over the cut".

Pinprick : پن سے کیا ہوا ایک سوراخ : small puncture (as if made by a pin).

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