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Unfair meaning in Urdu

Unfair Sentence

Used unfair methods.

Unfair Synonym


Unfair Definitions

1) Unfair, Unjust : بے انصاف, غیر منصفانہ, نا انصاف : (adjective) not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception.

It was an unfair trial.
Took an unfair advantage.

Useful Words

Injustice : ناانصافی , Wrongfully : بے انصافی سے , Below The Belt : غلط طریقے سے , Raw Deal : ظالمانہ سلوک , Bias : غیر منصفانہ طور پر اثر ڈالنا , Artfulness : مکاری , Honor System : ایمان دارانہ نظام , Critic : نقاد , Antimonopoly : اجارہ داری کے خلاف , Oppressive : جابرانہ , Crafty : مکار , Retrial : کسی عدالت میں ازسر نو مقدمہ , Passive : پرامن , Discriminatory : رعایتی , Localism : فرقہ پرستی , Best-Loved : پسندیدہ , Indifferent : بے تعصب , Grievance : شکوہ , Iniquity : نا انصافی , Crush : دبانا , Unjustly : نا انصافی سے , Incensed : ناراض , Extortion : جبری وصولی , Bias : تعصب , Repudiate : رد کر دینا , Cheat : دغا , Cook : گھڑنا , Undeceive : سمجھانا , Cunning : مکاری , Unwary : غیر ہوشیار , Aboveboard : دیانتدار

Useful Words Definitions

Injustice: the practice of being unjust or unfair.

Wrongfully: in an unjust or unfair manner.

Below The Belt: in an unfair manner.

Raw Deal: unfair treatment.

Bias: influence in an unfair way.

Artfulness: the quality of being adroit in taking unfair advantage.

Honor System: a system of conduct in which participants are trusted not to take unfair advantage of others.

Critic: someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments.

Antimonopoly: of laws and regulations; designed to protect trade and commerce from unfair business practices.

Oppressive: marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior.

Crafty: marked by skill in deception.

Retrial: a new trial in which issues already litigated and to which the court has already rendered a verdict or decision are reexamined by the same court; occurs when the initial trial is found to have been improper or unfair due to procedural errors.

Passive: peacefully resistant in response to injustice.

Discriminatory: manifesting partiality.

Localism: a partiality for some particular place.

Best-Loved: preferred above all others and treated with partiality.

Indifferent: characterized by a lack of partiality.

Grievance: an allegation that something imposes an illegal obligation or denies some legal right or causes injustice.

Iniquity: an unjust act.

Crush: come down on or keep down by unjust use of one`s authority.

Unjustly: in an unjust manner.

Incensed: angered at something unjust or wrong.

Extortion: unjust (as by the misuse of authority).

Bias: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation.

Repudiate: reject as untrue, unfounded, or unjust.

Cheat: a deception for profit to yourself.

Cook: tamper, with the purpose of deception.

Undeceive: free from deception or illusion.

Cunning: crafty artfulness (especially in deception).

Unwary: not alert to danger or deception.

Aboveboard: without concealment or deception; honest.

Related Words

Equity : غیر جانبداری , Below The Belt : نامناسب