Unmethodical Unmerited Unmercifully Unmerciful Unmerchantable Unmentionable Unmelodious Unmediated Unmindful Unmingled Unmistakable Unmistakably Unmitigated Unmixed Unmodified Unmolested Unmourned Unmovable Unmoved Unmusical

Unmindful   Meaning in Urdu

Unmindful in Sentences

While thus unmindful of his steps he stumbled. Not unmindful of the heavy responsibility.

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1. Unmindful - Forgetful - Mindless : بے حس - لاپروا - غافل : (adjective) not mindful or attentive.

While thus unmindful of his steps he stumbled.

Heedfulness, Mindfulness - the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities.

2. Unmindful - Oblivious : دھیان نہ رکھنے وال : (followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of.

Not unmindful of the heavy responsibility.

Incognizant, Unaware - (often followed by `of`) not aware.

Related Words

Unmitigated : پکا : not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Unmitigated suffering"

Apparent - Evident - Manifest - Patent - Plain - Unmistakable : صاف : clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. "The effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields"

Useful Words

Attentive : خیال رکھنے والا : (often followed by `to') giving care or attention. "Attentive to details"

Awareness - Cognisance - Cognizance - Consciousness - Knowingness : آگاہی : having knowledge of. "He had no awareness of his mistakes"

Deficient - Lacking - Wanting : کم : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education"

Aware - Mindful : با خبر : bearing in mind; attentive to. "Ever mindful of her health"

Non - Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

شَکی بیوی