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Unmodified meaning in Urdu

Unmodified Definitions

1) Unmodified : بلا ترمیم : (adjective) not changed in form or character.


Useful Words

Adaptability : حالات سے سمجہوتہ , Transmutation : تقلیب کا عمل , Uniform : ہم شکل , Modifiable : قابل ترمیم , Typewriter : ٹائپ کرنے کی مشین , Characterization : کردار ادا کرنا , Diversified : مختلف الشکل , Adjustable Spanner : موافق پانا , Inalterable : ناقابل تبدیل , Adjustable : حسب حال ہو نے کے قابل , Coagulated : جما ہوا , Readjustment : تشکیل نو , Alterable : بدلنے کے قابل , Convertible : منقلب , Worse : بیمار پڑنا , Chemical Reaction : ایک کیمیائی رد عمل , Adapted : تبدیل شدہ , Fixed Storage : کمپیوٹر کی میموری , Horse-And-Buggy : قدیم زمانے کا , Ablaut : واول کی تبدیلی , Constantine : اٹلی کا ایک قدیم حاکم , Hearst : امریکی اخبار نویس , Transformer : ٹرانسفارمر , Participial : صفت فعلی , Congruent : مطابق , Americanise : امریکی بن جانا , Marvellous : معجزانہ , Bottomed : پیندے دار , Low : بے ہودہ , Be : کسی کا کردار ادا کرنا , Akin : طرح

Useful Words Definitions

Adaptability: the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances.

Transmutation: an act that changes the form or character or substance of something.

Uniform: always the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences.

Modifiable: capable of being modified in form or character or strength (especially by making less extreme).

Typewriter: hand-operated character printer for printing written messages one character at a time.

Characterization: acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture.

Diversified: having variety of character or form or components; or having increased variety.

Adjustable Spanner: can be changed to different settings.

Inalterable: not capable of being changed or altered.

Adjustable: capable of being changed so as to match or fit.

Coagulated: changed into a solid mass.

Readjustment: the act of adjusting again (to changed circumstances).

Alterable: capable of being changed or altered in some characteristic.

Convertible: capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy.

Worse: changed for the worse in health or fitness.

Chemical Reaction: (chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others.

Adapted: changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose.

Fixed Storage: (computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed.

Horse-And-Buggy: relating to the time before automobiles (and other inventions) changed the way people lived in industrialized nations.

Ablaut: a vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song).

Constantine: was a Roman Emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 AD according to the history he stopped the persecution of Christians and he moved his capital from Rome to Byzantium and changed its name Constantinople (280-337). .

Hearst: United States newspaper publisher whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism (1863-1951).

Transformer: an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage.

Participial: a non-finite form of the verb; in English it is used adjectivally and to form compound tenses.

Congruent: corresponding in character or kind.

Americanise: become American in character.

Marvellous: being or having the character of a miracle.

Bottomed: having a bottom of a specified character.

Low: unrefined in character.

Be: represent, as of a character on stage.

Akin: similar in quality or character.

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