Unpolitical Unpolished Unpointed Unplumbed Unplug Unplowed Unploughed Unpleasantness Unpopular Unpopularity Unpopulated Unprecedented Unpredictability Unpredictable Unpredicted Unprejudiced Unprepared Unpretentious Unpretentiousness Unprincipled

Unpopular meaning in Urdu

Unpopular Sentence

Unpopular ideas.

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Unpopular in Detail

1) Unpopular : غیر مقبول : (adjective) regarded with disfavor or lacking general approval.

An unpopular war.

Related : Popularity : the quality of being widely admired or accepted or sought after.

Unpopular in Book Titles

Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide?.
Sandman`s Advice to the Unpopular.
The Unpopular Review.

Useful Words

Approval, Approving, Blessing : منظوری : the formal act of approving. "At first the girl`s parents were against co education system but later they gave her approval to study in university".

Disadvantage, Disfavor, Disfavour : غیر مناسب : put at a disadvantage; hinder, harm. "This rule clearly disadvantages me".

Full General, General : اعلی افسر : a general officer of the highest rank.

Deficient, Lacking, Wanting : کم : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education".

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